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Male portraits

A collection of Male portraits images

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fine art/paintings outside london/portrait man k040876
Portrait of a Man K040876
#media dmcs-5134963
fine art/kenwood house paintings/david william howard viscount andover j920152
David - William Howard, Viscount Andover J920152
#media dmcs-1864785
fine art/paintings london/hudson abraham acworth j920111
Hudson - Abraham Acworth J920111
#media dmcs-1766315
fine art/apsley house paintings/simpson arthur wellesley first duke wellington
Simpson - Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington N070529
#media dmcs-1718717
fine art/paintings outside london/holbein unknown man k980337
Holbein - An Unknown Man K980337
#media dmcs-1178778
fine art/kenwood house paintings/sir jeremy bowes j970284
Sir Jeremy Bowes J970284
#media dmcs-1178595
fine art/house paintings/collier thomas huxley j970174
Collier - Thomas Huxley J970174
#media dmcs-1083422
fine art/paintings outside london/segar robert dudley k060141
Segar - Robert Dudley K060141
#media dmcs-670302
fine art/house paintings/evstafieff darwin study j970178
Evstafieff - Darwin in his Study J970178
#media dmcs-556390
fine art/paintings london/cavedone saint gregory j020012
Cavedone - Saint Gregory J020012
#media dmcs-1785209
fine art/paintings outside london/sawyer john clayton n100417
Sawyer - John Clayton N100417
#media dmcs-8242339
fine art/paintings london/cotes portrait gentleman j920266
Cotes - Portrait of a Gentleman J920266
#media dmcs-1573437
fine art/house paintings/evstafieff charles darwin charles lyell
Evstafieff - Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell & Joseph Hooker
#media dmcs-18265641
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood iveagh bequest/martin lord mansfield chief justice england
Martin - Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of England J890402
#media dmcs-8767104
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/mytens william knollys 1st earl banbury
Mytens - William Knollys, 1st Earl of Banbury N090629
#media dmcs-8764705
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/laurence hyde j020040
Laurence Hyde J020040
#media dmcs-8752381
fine art/paintings outside london/portrait unknown gentleman k031270
Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman K031270
#media dmcs-14741437
fine art/male portraits/gauffier sir godfrey vassall webster j990172
Gauffier - Sir Godfrey Vassall Webster J990172
#media dmcs-14741435
fine art/male portraits/edward cecil guinness 1st earl iveagh j910543
Edward Cecil Guinness, 1st Earl of Iveagh J910543
#media dmcs-13704173
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/theophilus howard 2nd earl suffolk j020032
Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk J020032
#media dmcs-8750415
fine art/apsley house paintings/dawe lt general sir edward barnes n070507
Dawe - Lt-General Sir Edward Barnes N070507
#media dmcs-5521673
fine art/apsley house paintings/healy marshal nicolas jean dieu soult n070523
Healy - Marshal Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult N070523
#media dmcs-5063185
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman general sir john elley n070454
Pieneman - General Sir John Elley N070454
#media dmcs-4572003
fame/dobson inigo jones j920290
Dobson - Inigo Jones J920290
#media dmcs-3012483
fine art/paintings london/henry bowes howard j020043
Henry Bowes Howard J020043
#media dmcs-1765227
fame/dupont william pitt k041000
Dupont - William Pitt K041000
#media dmcs-1742345
fine art/apsley house paintings/francisco gomez quevedo y villegas n070518
Francisco Gomez de Quevedo Y Villegas N070518
#media dmcs-1718691
fine art/illustrations engravings/robert waring darwin k980354
Robert Waring Darwin K980354
#media dmcs-1309689
fine art/house paintings/josiah wedgwood j980079
Josiah Wedgwood J980079
#media dmcs-1272538
fame/joshua reynolds j950129
Joshua Reynolds J950129
#media dmcs-606378
fine art/kenwood house paintings/raeburn sir george sinclair boy j870221
Raeburn - Sir George Sinclair as a Boy J870221
#media dmcs-485315
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough associate prince wales k030528
Gainsborough - Associate of the Prince of Wales K030528
#media dmcs-7406741
fine art/apsley house paintings/lawrence viscount beresford n070458
Lawrence - Viscount Beresford N070458
#media dmcs-5529825
fine art/apsley house paintings/wyatt frederick augustus duke york albany
Wyatt - Frederick Augustus, Duke of York and Albany N070450
#media dmcs-5528643
fine art/apsley house paintings/hayter stapleton cotton n070436
Hayter - Stapleton Cotton N070436
#media dmcs-5528637
fine art/apsley house paintings/william henry west betty n070521
William Henry West Betty N070521
#media dmcs-5516439
fine art/paintings london/kneller charles mordaunt k080006
Kneller - Charles Mordaunt K080006
#media dmcs-5062792
fine art/house paintings/wright derby reverend seward canon lichfield
Wright of Derby - Reverend Seward, Canon of Lichfield J970162
#media dmcs-4301525
fine art/paintings london/portrait philip stanhope j960249
Portrait of Philip Stanhope J960249
#media dmcs-4287091
fine art/kenwood house paintings/eccardt van loo william murray 1st earl
Eccardt & Van Loo - William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield K030636
#media dmcs-4280969
fine art/kenwood house paintings/jackson william murray 1st earl mansfield
Jackson - William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield J910565
#media dmcs-3626956
fine art/house paintings/sharples robert darwin k980355
Sharples - Robert Darwin K980355
#media dmcs-709076
fine art/paintings london/portrait unknown man j920317
Portrait of an Unknown Man J920317
#media dmcs-8248939
fine art/paintings london/eccardt sir horace walpole f001105
Eccardt - Sir Horace Walpole F001105
#media dmcs-8215289
fine art/paintings london/dahl burlington kingston berkley j920220
Dahl - Burlington, Kingston and Berkley J920220
#media dmcs-8215279
fine art/kenwood house paintings/lely portrait heneage finch k070011
Lely - Portrait of Heneage Finch K070011
#media dmcs-5768981
fine art/kenwood house paintings/unknown man called william iii j020042
Unknown Man called William III J020042
#media dmcs-5564369
fine art/apsley house paintings/hoppner major general rooke n070449
Hoppner - Major-General Rooke N070449
#media dmcs-5529821
fine art/apsley house paintings/hall colonel john gurwood n070445
Hall - Colonel John Gurwood N070445
#media dmcs-5528641


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