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Cobble Collection

Background imageCobble Collection: Steep Street Bristol OP08887

Steep Street Bristol OP08887
The junction of Steep Street and Trenchard Street, Bristol, 1866. John Hill Morgan (b 1833), platinum print. This view was recorded five years before Steep Street, curving away to the left

Background imageCobble Collection: Alnwick, Northumberland a081264

Alnwick, Northumberland a081264
MARKET STREET, Alnwick, Northumberland. Looking west along Market Street towards the Northumberland Hall and Town Hall beyond, showing cars parked on cobbles in the foreground

Background imageCobble Collection: Old Smithy, Leigh BB94_07538

Old Smithy, Leigh BB94_07538
OLD SMITHY, Junction of Market Street and Bradshawgate, Leigh, Greater Manchester. This photograph was taken the day before the Old Smithy was demolished

Background imageCobble Collection: The Church Stairs, Whitby a98_15465

The Church Stairs, Whitby a98_15465
THE CHURCH STAIRS, Whitby, North Yorkshire. A baker makes deliveries, climbing the steps from the quayside to the church. 1950s. Hallam Ashley

Background imageCobble Collection: Clovelly harbour K011622

Clovelly harbour K011622
CLOVELLY, Devon. View through arch to the harbour with cobbled street and boats on the shingle beach

Background imageCobble Collection: Clovelly BB73_07823

Clovelly BB73_07823
High Street, Clovelly, Devon. Looking up the cobbled main street in Clovelly, showing the New Inn on the north side of the street, with people leaning against the walls of the buildings

Background imageCobble Collection: Cannon Wharf, circa 1856 BB57_01541

Cannon Wharf, circa 1856 BB57_01541
CANNON WHARF, Westminster, London. This was a coal wharf off Cannon Row, downstream from Westminster Bridge. The whole area was swept away during the construction of the Victoria Embankment

Background imageCobble Collection: Clovelly, Devon OP04926

Clovelly, Devon OP04926
CLOVELLY, Torridge, Devon. A view up the main cobbled street in Clovelly, with a donkey on the cobbles and a woman standing on the terrace of the New Inn talking to a man below

Background imageCobble Collection: Groom Place, London a064798

Groom Place, London a064798
GROOM PLACE, Belgravia, London. View of Groom Place, Westminster with Seaford House partly visible in the distance. Photographed by John Gay. Date range: January 1962-May 1964

Background imageCobble Collection: Hampstead Road Canal Lock a065322

Hampstead Road Canal Lock a065322
HAMPSTEAD ROAD CANAL LOCK, Regents Canal, Camden Town, Greater London. A view looking north east towards Hampstead Road Lock from the towpath beside Regents Canal

Background imageCobble Collection: Cobbles, concrete and boarding DP073752

Cobbles, concrete and boarding DP073752
Cobbles, concrete and timber boarding

Background imageCobble Collection: Dustbins a093697

Dustbins a093697
Three dustbins in a cobbled London back-street, beside an ornate iron wall grating. Photographed by John Gay. Date range 1945 - 1950

Background imageCobble Collection: Dockyard a065233

Dockyard a065233
DOCKYARD, Essex. A cobbled road in an industrial dockyard, with a warehouse to left and cranes in the background. Photographed by John Gay. Date range: 1955-1965

Background imageCobble Collection: Minera Mews, London a064791

Minera Mews, London a064791
MINERA MEWS, Belgravia, Westminster, London. View along the Mews, with a Rolls Royce parked on the road opposite the houses. Photographed by John Gay sometime between January 1962 - May 1964

Background imageCobble Collection: Housesteads Roman Fort J000115

Housesteads Roman Fort J000115
HADRIANs WALL, HOUSESTEADS ROMAN FORT (VERCOVICIUM). Reconstruction drawing of Barrack XIV in the 4th century AD by Philip Corke. hadrian

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