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Decay Collection

Background imageDecay Collection: Filing DP346953

Filing DP346953
Redcar Steelworks, South Bank Coke Ovens, South Bank, Redcar and Cleveland, Teesside, North Yorkshire. Detail of filing cabinets in the archives office on the first floor of the coke oven offices at

Background imageDecay Collection: Mobile DP220755

Mobile DP220755
Bunksland Farmhouse, East Anstey, North Devon. Detail of a mobile comprising silhouettes of horses, hanging from the ceiling in the farmhouses ground-floor room

Background imageDecay Collection: Disused kitchenwares DD220769

Disused kitchenwares DD220769
Bunksland Farmhouse, East Anstey, North Devon. Detail of the sink in the kitchen on the ground-floor of the farmhouse, with disused cutlery and crockery abandoned on the drying rack

Background imageDecay Collection: Birnbeck Pier DP218682

Birnbeck Pier DP218682
Birnbeck Island, Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset. General view looking south-east along the pier, showing its derelict walkway and decaying timbers

Background imageDecay Collection: Corrugated iron school DP183955

Corrugated iron school DP183955
Gordon Primary School, Grangehill Road, Eltham, Greenwich, Greater London. Exterior view of the schools east classroom hut from the south

Background imageDecay Collection: Decaying mosaic pavement DP168226

Decaying mosaic pavement DP168226
Doxford House, Warden Law Lane, New Silksworth, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. Detail of the mosaic floor of the conservatory area on the east side of the derelict house

Background imageDecay Collection: Brent Bravo 34132_037

Brent Bravo 34132_037
The decommissioned oil rig, Brent Bravo, photographed during its dismantling at Able Seaton Port, Hartlepool, 2021

Background imageDecay Collection: The Cedars OFH01_01_01_f09_03

The Cedars OFH01_01_01_f09_03
The Cedars, Ranelagh Road, Putney, Wandsworth, Greater London. A fallen tree in front of The Cedars. This photograph appears in William Fields's Photographs of Putney

Background imageDecay Collection: Rejected iron pillar DP289889

Rejected iron pillar DP289889
Torr Vale Mill, Torrvale Road, New Mills, High Peak, Derbyshire. Detail of an iron pillar on the top-floor of Torr Vale Mill, with a label stuck to it marked REJECT

Background imageDecay Collection: Teapot works 35039_009

Teapot works 35039_009
The derelict Price and Kensington Teapot Works in Longport, City of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire 2021

Background imageDecay Collection: Chatterley Whitfield Colliery 35037_002

Chatterley Whitfield Colliery 35037_002
Chatterley Whitfield Colliery, City of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, 2021

Background imageDecay Collection: On the way out DP234018

On the way out DP234018
Winter Gardens, Marine Road Central, Morecambe, Lancashire. A damaged projecting exit sign in the Winter Gardens refreshment bar

Background imageDecay Collection: Restormel Castle EHC01_047_0037

Restormel Castle EHC01_047_0037
Restormel Castle, Restormel, Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Hand coloured engraving showing the gatehouse of the inner ward at Restormel Castle with two figures

Background imageDecay Collection: Decommissioned oil rig DP249057

Decommissioned oil rig DP249057
Able Seaton Port, Greythorp, Hartlepool. View from the west of the Brent B oil rig caught in the last vestiges of light awaiting dismantling

Background imageDecay Collection: Done fishing DP085522

Done fishing DP085522
Gugh, Isles of Scilly. View of beached derelict fishing boat and a rib

Background imageDecay Collection: Cooling towers DP235313

Cooling towers DP235313
Ferrybridge C Power Station, Stranglands Lane, Knottingley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. General view of the power station site from the north

Background imageDecay Collection: Decaying interior DP220750

Decaying interior DP220750
Bunksland Farmhouse, East Anstey, North Devon. Interior view of the farmhouse, showing a ground-floor room with a collapsed cob wall, from the east, with a damaged old chair in the foreground

Background imageDecay Collection: Tilting grave stone DP218854

Tilting grave stone DP218854
St John the Baptists Church, Elmore, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Detail of a tilting gravestone in the churchyard, showing moss and lichen growth on a carved relief of a cherubs head

Background imageDecay Collection: Urinals DP218682

Urinals DP218682
Birnbeck Island, Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset. Detail of stained and damaged urinals in the gentlemens toilets on the derelict pier

Background imageDecay Collection: Snow scene DP087398

Snow scene DP087398
Snow scene, Broken window detail

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