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Egypt Collection

Background imageEgypt Collection: Ismailia EGP_22663_012

Ismailia EGP_22663_012
Ismailia, Egypt. An aerial view of the city of Ismailia, Egypt, probably dating to 1918. It shows military encampments to the left of the frame adjacent to the rail-head

Background imageEgypt Collection: Shady treee EGP_22663_030

Shady treee EGP_22663_030
Egypt. A group of people under a tree by buildings. Veiled women undertake domestic tasks at an outdoor kitchen, with sheep consuming leftovers

Background imageEgypt Collection: Threshing EGP_22663_025

Threshing EGP_22663_025
Egypt. A child rides on a threshing sled drawn by two bullocks with a man using a winnowing fork

Background imageEgypt Collection: Water wheel EGP_22663_024

Water wheel EGP_22663_024
Egypt. A man and young girl in front of a bullock-powered water wheel

Background imageEgypt Collection: Shepherds EGP_22663_023

Shepherds EGP_22663_023
Egypt. A group of Egyptian people with two sheep outside a house or farm building

Background imageEgypt Collection: Shady tree EGP_22663_021

Shady tree EGP_22663_021
Egypt. A woman, children and animals under a tree by a group of buildings

Background imageEgypt Collection: Female dress EGP_22663_022

Female dress EGP_22663_022
Egypt. Two frames on a single negative, showing an Egyptian woman and children at an unknown location

Background imageEgypt Collection: Suez Canal, 1918 EGP_22663_18

Suez Canal, 1918 EGP_22663_18
Suez Canal, Egypt. Aerial view showing a camouflaged ship at the entrance to the Suez Canal near Ismailia. The photograph was probably taken from an observation balloon at a range of 500ft

Background imageEgypt Collection: Giza, Egypt. XAWCF0437

Giza, Egypt. XAWCF0437
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. Part of the Memphis and its Necropolis World Heritage Site. The three pyramids of great pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure

Background imageEgypt Collection: Cairo Citadel, Egypt EGP_22663_06

Cairo Citadel, Egypt EGP_22663_06
Cairo Citadel, Egypt. Also known as the Saladin Citadel after the Ayyubid ruler Salah-al-Din, who ordered its construction

Background imageEgypt Collection: Ancient Egypt IC132_001

Ancient Egypt IC132_001
The golden mask of the mummy of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, with a an ancient Egyptian temple complex in the background. Illustration by Ivan Lapper, 1990s

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