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Gate Collection (page 2)

Background imageGate Collection: Windsor Castle CC97_00909

Windsor Castle CC97_00909
WINDSOR CASTLE, Berkshire. Henry VIII Gate. View taken from castle hill with a guard and sentry box to the left of the gate. Photograph by York and Son (1870-1900)

Background imageGate Collection: Meare Fish House J980165

Meare Fish House J980165
MEARE FISH HOUSE, Somerset. The only surviving monastic fishery building in England. It housed the Abbot of Glastonburys water bailiff and provided facilities for fish-salting and drying

Background imageGate Collection: Hadrians Wall : Housesteads K940746

Hadrians Wall : Housesteads K940746
HADRIANs WALL: HOUSESTEADS ROMAN FORT, Milecastle, Northumberland. The north gate. hadrian

Background imageGate Collection: Garden gate a069830

Garden gate a069830
A decorative wrought-iron gate with brick gate piers stands slightly ajar, revealing a walled garden with a lawn and a line of trees. Photographed in the Chichester area, West Sussex by John Gay

Background imageGate Collection: Wellington Arch K010104

Wellington Arch K010104
WELLINGTON ARCH, City of Westminster, London. View of the east side with Apsley House in the background

Background imageGate Collection: Bolsover Castle K000118

Bolsover Castle K000118
BOLSOVER CASTLE, Derbyshire. View of the South front of the Little Castle and the entrance to the Fountain Garden from the Great Court

Background imageGate Collection: Belsay Castle K910146

Belsay Castle K910146
BELSAY HALL, CASTLE & GARDENS, Northumberland. Snow scene with fence & gate in the foreground

Background imageGate Collection: Down House N080575

Down House N080575
DOWN HOUSE, Kent. Exterior view of the front of Charles Darwins house

Background imageGate Collection: St James Palace CC97_00365

St James Palace CC97_00365
ST JAMES PALACE, Westminster, London. Exterior view of the gatehouse. This is the only part of the original palace built by Henry VIII to survive. Photograph by York and Son (1870-1900)

Background imageGate Collection: Bayham Old Abbey N000027

Bayham Old Abbey N000027
BAYHAM OLD ABBEY, Kent. General view of Bayham Abbey from the north

Background imageGate Collection: Wellington Arch J010149

Wellington Arch J010149
THE WELLINGTON ARCH, Hyde Park Corner, London. View of the floodlit arch

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