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Gateway Collection

Background imageGateway Collection: Bargate, Southampton CC39_00436

Bargate, Southampton CC39_00436
BARGATE, SOUTHAMPTON. Exterior view of the south face of the gate and the busy street. A horsedrawn cart is passing through the arch

Background imageGateway Collection: Aston Hall Gateway Birmingham, 1941 a42_00706

Aston Hall Gateway Birmingham, 1941 a42_00706
Aston Hall, Gateway, Witton Lane, Aston Park, Aston, Birmingham. The gateway and gate lodges at Aston Hall with the tower and spire of St Peter and St Pauls Church in the background

Background imageGateway Collection: West Gate Southampton CC76_00269

West Gate Southampton CC76_00269
WEST GATE, SOUTHAMPTON. A view of the medieval West Gate, with boats on the shore visible through the archway

Background imageGateway Collection: Highclere CC72_00784

Highclere CC72_00784
Highclere Castle, Entrance Gate, Highclere, Hampshire. A large classical style gateway leading into the park from London Road. Photographed by Henry Taunt, late 19th century

Background imageGateway Collection: Gateway MCF01_02_0987

Gateway MCF01_02_0987
Sandy Hill Lane, Corfe Castle, Purbeck, Dorset. A man with a horse-drawn cart walking through a gateway above Sandy Hill Lane, with the ruins of Corfe Castle and the village in the distance

Background imageGateway Collection: North Gate MCF01_02_0872

North Gate MCF01_02_0872
NORTH GATE, HIGH STREET, SALISBURY, WILTSHIRE. A view of the North Gate from The Close, showing houses just inside The Close and figures walking towards the High Street

Background imageGateway Collection: Dunster Castle Mill a48_05574

Dunster Castle Mill a48_05574
CASTLE MILL, MILL LANE, DUNSTER PARK, DUNSTER, WEST SOMERSET. A view of Dunster Castle Mill, an 18th century water mill attached to a gateway

Background imageGateway Collection: Micklegate Bar BB057006

Micklegate Bar BB057006
MICKLEGATE BAR, YORK. Micklegate Bar, seen from the south-west. Photographed in the early 20th century by Edwin Dockree

Background imageGateway Collection: Bootham Bar BB057003

Bootham Bar BB057003
BOOTHAM BAR, YORK. A view from the west of Bootham Bar, with the towers of York Minster in the background, and three men in the foreground. Photographed in the early 20th century by Edwin Dockree

Background imageGateway Collection: Woburn London Entrance 33594_024

Woburn London Entrance 33594_024
Woburn, Bedfordshire, 2018. London Entrance Lodge at Woburn Park, said to either be a collaboration between Henry Holland and Humphry Repton or a design by Holland based on Reptons ideas. SP9630

Background imageGateway Collection: Cathedral Close ZEH01_01_17

Cathedral Close ZEH01_01_17
CATHEDRAL CLOSE, EXETER, DEVON. Stereoscopic view looking out from beneath the carriage arch into the courtyard at 10 Cathedral Close

Background imageGateway Collection: Bootham Bar DIX02_01_074

Bootham Bar DIX02_01_074
BOOTHAM BAR, YORK. Bootham Bar and York Minster viewed from the City Art Gallery, Exhibition Square with the gateway of St Marys Abbey in the foreground. Photographed in the 1930s

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