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Market Collection

Background imageMarket Collection: Piece Hall a083824

Piece Hall a083824
Looking over the market stalls in the courtyard of the Piece Hall in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Originally built as a cloth hall in the late 18th century

Background imageMarket Collection: Leighton Buzzard EPW056941

Leighton Buzzard EPW056941
The Market Square, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfrodshire. Photographed in 1938 by Aerofilms Ltd

Background imageMarket Collection: Long Row, Nottingham DP219277

Long Row, Nottingham DP219277
25-44 Long Row, Old Market Square, Nottingham. View from the south-west showing Debenhams and maket stalls

Background imageMarket Collection: Skating in Market Square DP081441

Skating in Market Square DP081441
Old Market Square, Nottingham. The Council House with a temporary ice rink in the foreground. The Christmas tree and market stalls add to the festive scene

Background imageMarket Collection: Petticoat Lane Market a054036

Petticoat Lane Market a054036
Petticoat Lane Market, Middlesex Street, Whitechapel, London. 1950s street scene taken from an upper floor window

Background imageMarket Collection: Tubwell Row BB81_02440

Tubwell Row BB81_02440
Tubwell Row, Darlington, County Durham. A street scene from the west along Tubwell Row, showing the street crowded with carts during a sheep market

Background imageMarket Collection: Malton Livestock Market 28897_042

Malton Livestock Market 28897_042
Sheep auction at Malton Livestock Market, North Yorkshire, 2016. SE7871

Background imageMarket Collection: Tuesday Market Place DAC01_03_023

Tuesday Market Place DAC01_03_023
TUESDAY MARKET PLACE, KINGS LYNN, WEST NORFOLK. Tuesday Market Place viewed from the south west corner with people browsing market stalls in the foreground and numbers 4-10

Background imageMarket Collection: Nottingham Riviera 20936_018

Nottingham Riviera 20936_018
Market Place, Nottingham. Looking toward the Council House. The Market Place is set up for the Nottingham Riviera summer holiday event, August 2009

Background imageMarket Collection: Falmouth fish market CC56_00746

Falmouth fish market CC56_00746
Falmouth Fish Market, Cornwall, 1860-1922

Background imageMarket Collection: Town Hall DP065206

Town Hall DP065206
Town Hall, Marygate, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland. General view from the south east of the Town Hall, Berwick upon Tweed

Background imageMarket Collection: Hereford cattle market EPW029946

Hereford cattle market EPW029946
The cattle market, Hereford, 1929. Edgar Street, home of Hereford United FC since 1924. The Lilywhites eventually attained the heights of the Football League in 1972

Background imageMarket Collection: Market Hall a081558

Market Hall a081558
An elderly woman seated by a crate of eggs in a bustling market hall in Shropshire. Possibly taken in Shrewsbury's Victorian Market Hall, which was demolished in 1963

Background imageMarket Collection: Norwich Castle EPW001766

Norwich Castle EPW001766
Norwich Castle and Cattle market, Norwich, 1920

Background imageMarket Collection: Concarneau market MCF01_02_0327

Concarneau market MCF01_02_0327
Concarneau, Brittany, FRANCE. Women buying clothing and drapery at an outdoor market in Concarneau, Brittany

Background imageMarket Collection: Temperance Billiard Hall PLA01_04_046

Temperance Billiard Hall PLA01_04_046
Temperance Billiard Hall, Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham, Manchester. The front elevation of the former Temperance Billiard Hall on Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham

Background imageMarket Collection: Newark Market Place OP35556

Newark Market Place OP35556
MARKET PLACE, NEWARK, NEWARK AND SHERWOOD, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. The view looking north east across the Market Place from the Town Hall balcony showing stalls set up for an outdoor market

Background imageMarket Collection: The Lace Market 35012_022

The Lace Market 35012_022
Nottingham Lace Market, City of Nottingham, 2021

Background imageMarket Collection: Goose Fair CC73_02999

Goose Fair CC73_02999
Old Market Square, City of Nottingham, 1910-1928. A view from the west looking over Old Market Square, showing the goose fair in progress

Background imageMarket Collection: Mollie Sugden JLP01_09_790331

Mollie Sugden JLP01_09_790331
WOOD GREEN SHOPPING CITY, HARINGEY, GREATER LONDON. Actress Mollie Sugden amongst a crowd of customers at a fruit stall inside the newly opened Market Hall at Wood Green Shopping City

Background imageMarket Collection: Fish market JLP01_08_067219

Fish market JLP01_08_067219
BULL RING CENTRE, BULL RING, BIRMINGHAM, WEST MIDLANDS. The fish market at the Bull Ring Centre bustling with shoppers on the day it opened to the public

Background imageMarket Collection: Cattle Market 28859_013

Cattle Market 28859_013
Cattle auction in progress at Barnard Castle Auction Mart, County Durham, 2016. NZ0416

Background imageMarket Collection: Dewsbury Market 34101_048

Dewsbury Market 34101_048
Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 2019. The Market Hall and outdoor market. SE2421

Background imageMarket Collection: Dewsbury Market 34101_047

Dewsbury Market 34101_047
Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 2019. The Market Hall and outdoor market. SE2421

Background imageMarket Collection: Dewsbury 34101_012

Dewsbury 34101_012
Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 2019. The market and former Machell Bros Limited, Shoddy and Mungo Manufacturers Mill, est in 1856, now converted into flats. SE2421

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