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Reconstruction Collection

Background imageReconstruction Collection: Stonehenge landscape c. 1600 J050045

Stonehenge landscape c. 1600 J050045
STONEHENGE, Wiltshire. Aerial view reconstruction drawing by Peter Dunn of the Stonehenge landscape in c.1600 BC. Date of photograph: February 2005

Background imageReconstruction Collection: The Tudors IC132_004

The Tudors IC132_004
King Henry VIII of England, based on the portrait of Henry by Hans Holbein the Younger. In the background is the gatehouse of his residence, Hampton Court Palace. Illustration by Ivan Lapper, 1990s

Background imageReconstruction Collection: The Modern Age IC132_002

The Modern Age IC132_002
American astronaut Buzz Aldrin in his space suit, the second man to walk on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969

Background imageReconstruction Collection: Rebuilding P_H00101_009

Rebuilding P_H00101_009
DOVER, KENT. A large group of Belgian labourers, working on behalf of the Ministry of Works and posing outside of reconstructed terraced housing, in Dover, Kent

Background imageReconstruction Collection: Latton Priory IC306_001

Latton Priory IC306_001
LATTON PRIORY, LATTON BUSH, NORTH WEALD BASSETT, EPPING FOREST, ESSEX. A reconstruction painting showing an oblique view of Latton Priory as it may have appeared in the late 12th century

Background imageReconstruction Collection: Repairing Wedmore Estate P_H00258_001

Repairing Wedmore Estate P_H00258_001
Wedmore Estate, Wessex Buildings, Wedmore Street, Holloway, Islington, Greater London. Builders working on the repair of war damaged London Council Council flats, at the Wedmore Estate

Background imageReconstruction Collection: Prehistoric burial IC320_002

Prehistoric burial IC320_002
West Amesbury Farm, Stonehenge Road, West Amesbury, Amesbury, Wiltshire. Reconstruction drawing showing two figures placing a body in a boundary ditch at West Amesbury Farm during a burial

Background imageReconstruction Collection: Repairing Victoria Tower OWS01_02_h01076b

Repairing Victoria Tower OWS01_02_h01076b

Background imageReconstruction Collection: HMS Northumberland IC273_004

HMS Northumberland IC273_004
A cross-section of the hull of HMS Northumberland as it may have appeared in 1703. On board a number of activities are taking place, including the working of the chain pump

Background imageReconstruction Collection: Ancient Greece IC132_005

Ancient Greece IC132_005
An ancient Greek warrior and/or statesman, possibly Pericles, with the Acropolis in Athens in the background. Illustration by Ivan Lapper, 1990s

Background imageReconstruction Collection: The Normans IC132_003

The Normans IC132_003
A Norman soldier attacking with a hand-and-a-half, a two-handed broadsword. In the background is shown a medieval castle keep. Illustration by Ivan Lapper, 1990s

Background imageReconstruction Collection: Ancient Egypt IC132_001

Ancient Egypt IC132_001
The golden mask of the mummy of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, with a an ancient Egyptian temple complex in the background. Illustration by Ivan Lapper, 1990s

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