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Rustic Collection

Background imageRustic Collection: Mobile DP220755

Mobile DP220755
Bunksland Farmhouse, East Anstey, North Devon. Detail of a mobile comprising silhouettes of horses, hanging from the ceiling in the farmhouses ground-floor room

Background imageRustic Collection: Medieval floor tiles DP248332

Medieval floor tiles DP248332
Wenlock Priory, Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Detail looking down at medieval tiles on the floor of the priorys ruined library

Background imageRustic Collection: Corrugated iron school DP183955

Corrugated iron school DP183955
Gordon Primary School, Grangehill Road, Eltham, Greenwich, Greater London. Exterior view of the schools east classroom hut from the south

Background imageRustic Collection: Coombe Gill Mill DP348571

Coombe Gill Mill DP348571
Coombe Gill Mill, Borrowdale, Allerdale, Cumbria. General view of the watermill from the north-west, with Coombe Gill in the foreground

Background imageRustic Collection: Right Round House EFC01_01_05_008_29114

Right Round House EFC01_01_05_008_29114
RIGHT ROUND HOUSE, Veryan Green, VERYAN, CORNWALL. The Right Round House, viewed from the south-west. The Right and East Round Houses were built in around 1820 by Hugh Rowe for the Reverend Jeremiah

Background imageRustic Collection: Cart shed MCF01_02_0189

Cart shed MCF01_02_0189
CHEDDAR, SEDGEMOOR, SOMERSET. A view of a small farm yard in Cheddar, showing a wooden cart parked outside an open-fronted cart shed with a thatched roof supported by tree trunks or branches

Background imageRustic Collection: Stained glass DP248605

Stained glass DP248605
Stoney Road Gardens, Stoney Road, Coventry, West Midlands. Late 19th or early 20th century summerhouse interior. Detail of wood panelled interior in the allotment gardens

Background imageRustic Collection: Canary Cottage DP247860

Canary Cottage DP247860
Knarr Farm, Canary Cottage, Thorney Toll, Thorney, City of Peterborough. General view of Canary Cottage from the south-west

Background imageRustic Collection: Mercury rising DP261518

Mercury rising DP261518
Walmer Castle, Deal, Dover, Kent. Looking across Walmer Castles paddock, with a statue of Mercury amongst the wild flowers and grasses

Background imageRustic Collection: Decaying interior DP220750

Decaying interior DP220750
Bunksland Farmhouse, East Anstey, North Devon. Interior view of the farmhouse, showing a ground-floor room with a collapsed cob wall, from the east, with a damaged old chair in the foreground

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