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Sunshine Collection

Background imageSunshine Collection: Milton Keynes shopping centre JLP01_09_792708

Milton Keynes shopping centre JLP01_09_792708
THE SHOPPING CENTRE, SILBURY BOULEVARD, MILTON KEYNES. Shoppers walking past the tropical planting in one of the sun drenched arcades at the Milton Keynes shopping centre

Background imageSunshine Collection: Brockwell Lido PLA01_03_0262

Brockwell Lido PLA01_03_0262
Brockwell Lido, Dulwich Road, Brockwell Park, Lambeth, Greater London. The swimming pool at Brockwell Lido in Brockwell Park

Background imageSunshine Collection: Brockwell Lido PLA01_03_0261

Brockwell Lido PLA01_03_0261
Brockwell Lido, Dulwich Road, Brockwell Park, Lambeth, Greater London. Brockwell Lido in Brockwell Park, busy with people sunbathing and sitting around the poolside and in the pool beyond

Background imageSunshine Collection: Tinside Lido EFC1_01_03_127_56367

Tinside Lido EFC1_01_03_127_56367
Tinside Lido, Hoe Road, City of Plymouth, Devon England, UK. A view looking south-west out to sea over Tinside Lido to Plymouth Sound. Open air public swimming pool opened 1935 architect S.Wibberley

Background imageSunshine Collection: Construction site JLP01_11_46795_14

Construction site JLP01_11_46795_14
VAUXHALL CROSS, ALBERT EMBANKMENT, VAUXHALL, LAMBETH, GREATER LONDON. Looking south-west during the construction of Vauxhall Cross, showing a team of men working on steel reinforcements

Background imageSunshine Collection: Fountain JLP01_10_08853

Fountain JLP01_10_08853
Sir John Laing Building, Page Street, Mill Hill, Barnet, Greater London. The circular fountain and U-shaped stair tower by the front entrance to the Sir John Laing Building, Mill Hill

Background imageSunshine Collection: Donkey rides JLP01_08_081371

Donkey rides JLP01_08_081371
Laing Sports Ground, Rowley Lane, Elstree, Barnet, Greater London. A Gala Day at the Laing Sports Ground at Elstree, showing childrens pony rides in the foreground with stalls and crowds beyond

Background imageSunshine Collection: Pedalo JLP01_08_021676

Pedalo JLP01_08_021676
Felixstowe, Suffolk. A couple on a pedalo in the sea during a Laing staff trip to Felixstowe. In 1947, after a seven year break, Laing had resurrected their Area Outings for staff and their families

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