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Town Collection

Background imageTown Collection: Kings Lynn MD44 / 00258

Kings Lynn MD44 / 00258
Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Labelled sheet showing the exterior elevations of buildings along the south side of Queens Street and Kings Street. 1944 measured drawing by A J Phillips

Background imageTown Collection: Bargate, Southampton CC39_00472

Bargate, Southampton CC39_00472
BARGATE, Southampton, Hampshire. Exterior view looking south through the medieval gatehouse at the northern entrance to the town. Workmen pose with their cart in front of the gate

Background imageTown Collection: Burford Mop Fair CC57_00428

Burford Mop Fair CC57_00428
BURFORD, Oxfordshire. A view of the High Street during the Hiring Fair (Mop Fair) with stalls set out. Photographed in 1895 by Henry Taunt

Background imageTown Collection: Alnwick, Northumberland a081264

Alnwick, Northumberland a081264
MARKET STREET, Alnwick, Northumberland. Looking west along Market Street towards the Northumberland Hall and Town Hall beyond, showing cars parked on cobbles in the foreground

Background imageTown Collection: Tetbury HAW_9427_08

Tetbury HAW_9427_08
TETBURY, Cotswold District, Gloucestershire. Aerial view, 19th April 1952

Background imageTown Collection: Dartford High Street CGH01_01_0628

Dartford High Street CGH01_01_0628
Dartford, Kent. A busy scene looking east along the High Street towards Holy Trinity Church. Drawn by C G Harper. c.1920s

Background imageTown Collection: Salisbury Street, Blandford, 1943 MD44_00065

Salisbury Street, Blandford, 1943 MD44_00065
Labelled sheet showing exterior elevations of the facades along the east side of Salisbury Street in Blandford Forum, Dorset. 1943 measured drawing by A. J

Background imageTown Collection: Flooding in Felixstowe EAW048298

Flooding in Felixstowe EAW048298
Flooding around Langer Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in February 1953

Background imageTown Collection: Evesham EAW006891

Evesham EAW006891
Evesham, Worcestershire. The Church of St Lawrence, All Saints Church, the Bell Tower, Abbey Park and and environs. Photographed in 1947 by Aerofilms Ltd

Background imageTown Collection: Hart Street, Henley CC73_00184

Hart Street, Henley CC73_00184
HENLEY-ON-THAMES, Oxfordshire. View of St Marys Church, looking down Hart Street towards the distinctive flint and stone chequer patterned church tower with polygonal angle buttresses

Background imageTown Collection: Chipping Norton HAW_9419_28

Chipping Norton HAW_9419_28
CHIPPING NORTON, Oxfordshire. Aerial view of the Cotswold market town taken by Harold Wingham, 3rd June 1951

Background imageTown Collection: Floral Festival, Chipping Campden CC73_00462

Floral Festival, Chipping Campden CC73_00462
CHIPPING CAMPDEN, Gloucestershire. A milkmaid with a calf followed by a cart bedecked in flowers and flags form part of the procession through the Cotswold town during the Floral Festival

Background imageTown Collection: Northampton EAW043373

Northampton EAW043373
The town, Northampton. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in May 1952

Background imageTown Collection: Flooded street CC73_00433

Flooded street CC73_00433
Lake Street, New Hinksey, Oxford, Oxfordshire. Looking down the street during a flood with people standing outside their houses and two carts making their way down the road

Background imageTown Collection: Newbury Jubilee Clock CC97_02767

Newbury Jubilee Clock CC97_02767
NEWBURY, Berkshire. The clock that commemorates the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria (1887) stands at the three-way junction of the London and Bath roads in the town

Background imageTown Collection: Cirencester Market Place CC57_00055

Cirencester Market Place CC57_00055
CIRENCESTER, Gloucestershire. Looking down the market place from the parish church of the capital of the Cotswolds. Showing the north side shop fronts with their awnings out over the pavement

Background imageTown Collection: Bridgnorth, Shropshire a079455

Bridgnorth, Shropshire a079455
BRIDGNORTH, Shropshire. A view of the High Street in 1953, looking north towards the timber-framed Town Hall in the middle of the road. John Gay

Background imageTown Collection: Torquay Old Harbour EAW031975

Torquay Old Harbour EAW031975
Torquay, Devon. The Old Harbour and Princess Gardens, 1950

Background imageTown Collection: Friar Street Worcester, 1942 a42_03580

Friar Street Worcester, 1942 a42_03580
Friar Street, Worcester. A view looking north west along Friar Street from The Greyfriars

Background imageTown Collection: Stratford-upon-Avon DAC01_03_012

Stratford-upon-Avon DAC01_03_012
BRIDGE STREET, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, WARWICKSHIRE. The view looking east along Bridge Street with the George Inn in the left foreground

Background imageTown Collection: Ashbourne EAW024953

Ashbourne EAW024953
The Market Place, the Church of John the Baptist and the Cattle Market, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in July 1949

Background imageTown Collection: Bewdley EAW046201

Bewdley EAW046201
The town, Bewdley, Worcestershire. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in August 1952

Background imageTown Collection: Bewdley GOM01_05_050_27

Bewdley GOM01_05_050_27
Bewdley, Worcestershire. A view looking west along Load Street towards St Annes Church with cars and motorbikes parked in the foreground. Photographed by Andor Gomme in September 1957

Background imageTown Collection: Charlbury CC57_00086

Charlbury CC57_00086
CHARLBURY, Oxfordshire. A street scene showing Thames Street with several local inhabitants, one with a wheelbarrow, standing near the Talbot public house

Background imageTown Collection: Devizes 33115_077

Devizes 33115_077
Devizes, Wiltshire. The market place and town centre, 2017

Background imageTown Collection: Tewkesbury flooded 33609_020

Tewkesbury flooded 33609_020
Tewkesbury Abbey surrounded by floodwater from the River Avon, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, 2018

Background imageTown Collection: Falmouth 24645_008

Falmouth 24645_008
Falmouth, Cornwall, 2007

Background imageTown Collection: Torquay EAW005875

Torquay EAW005875
Torquay, Devon. The harbours and the town, from the south-east, 1947

Background imageTown Collection: Totquay New Harbour EAW007583

Totquay New Harbour EAW007583
Torquay, Devon. The New Harbour, 1947

Background imageTown Collection: Fleetwood 34121_050

Fleetwood 34121_050
Fleetwood, Lancashire, 2019 SD3347

Background imageTown Collection: High Street, Droitwich DP181546

High Street, Droitwich DP181546
High Street, Droitwich, Worcestershire, West Midlands. General view of north side to High Street, view from south east. June 2016

Background imageTown Collection: Halifax Building DP113380

Halifax Building DP113380
Halifax Building, head office of the Halifax Building Society, from Beacon Hill Road, Halifax, Calderdale, West Yorkshire

Background imageTown Collection: Warwick a48_02751

Warwick a48_02751
Warwick, Warwickshire. View from the Westgate tower looking over the roof tops, north east along the High Street and Jury Street. St Marys Church can be seen on the skyline

Background imageTown Collection: Warkworth 34011_001

Warkworth 34011_001
Warkworth, Northumberland. The village of Warkworth, 2018, in a loop of the River Coquet with the castle closing the neck

Background imageTown Collection: Lowestoft Harbour 33135_030

Lowestoft Harbour 33135_030
Lowestoft, Suffolk. The town and harbour, 2016

Background imageTown Collection: Lowestoft Wellington Esplanade 33135_028

Lowestoft Wellington Esplanade 33135_028
Lowestoft, Suffolk. Wellington Esplanade and the sea front

Background imageTown Collection: Lowestoft 33135_001

Lowestoft 33135_001
Lowestoft, Suffolk. The town, harbour and sea front, 2016

Background imageTown Collection: Ramsgate Harbour DP247129

Ramsgate Harbour DP247129
Ramsgate Harbour, Ramsgate, Thanet, Kent. General view of the harbour from the south, showing East Pier, where a boat is under repair on a slipway, and at the centre the Custom House of 1894-5

Background imageTown Collection: Tuesday Market Place DAC01_03_023

Tuesday Market Place DAC01_03_023
TUESDAY MARKET PLACE, KINGS LYNN, WEST NORFOLK. Tuesday Market Place viewed from the south west corner with people browsing market stalls in the foreground and numbers 4-10

Background imageTown Collection: Flower seller OFH01_01_02_077

Flower seller OFH01_01_02_077
A flower seller at work

Background imageTown Collection: Ormskirk church HKR01_04_357

Ormskirk church HKR01_04_357
St Peter and St Pauls Church, Church Street, Ormskirk, West Lancashire, Lancashire. View of the church from the south-east, with a small car parked outside

Background imageTown Collection: Merton Street HKR01_04_263

Merton Street HKR01_04_263
Merton Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire. Looking east along Merton Street from the junction with Oriel Square

Background imageTown Collection: Truro Cathedral HKR01_04_192

Truro Cathedral HKR01_04_192
Truro Cathedral, High Cross, Truro, Cornwall. Looking north-west along St Marys Street towards the cathedral church

Background imageTown Collection: Dunster BB53_00628

Dunster BB53_00628
DUNSTER, WEST SOMERSET, SOMERSET. A view looking over Dunster from the top of a hill. A view of the town taken from a small street on a hill

Background imageTown Collection: Tewkesbury Abbey 33611_006

Tewkesbury Abbey 33611_006
St Marys Abbey, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, 2018

Background imageTown Collection: Tewkesbury flooded 33611_012

Tewkesbury flooded 33611_012
The town surrounded by floodwater from the River Severn and River Avon, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, 2021

Background imageTown Collection: Tewkesbury flooded 33611_004

Tewkesbury flooded 33611_004
The town and abbey surrounded by floodwater from the River Avon and RIver Severn, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, 2018

Background imageTown Collection: Tewkesbury flooded 33610_024

Tewkesbury flooded 33610_024
Flooding of River Severn and RIver Avon, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, 2018

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