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Roman objects and artefacts

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45 Items

heritage/objects artefacts/roman gemstone k910213
Roman gemstone K910213
fine art/sculpture statuary/bust zeus ammon n100779
Bust of Zeus Ammon N100779
heritage/objects artefacts/roman gaming board j970223
Roman gaming board J970223
heritage/objects artefacts/replica corbridge lanx n081012
Replica of the Corbridge Lanx N081012
heritage/objects artefacts/roman hub cap k870175
Roman hub cap K870175
heritage/castles north west/reused roman altar carlisle castle k011557
Reused Roman altar at Carlisle Castle K011557
heritage/roman britain roman objects artefacts/jasper intaglio aldborough roman town k940047
Jasper intaglio, Aldborough Roman Town K940047
heritage/roman britain roman objects artefacts/lullingstone roman villa mosaic j910066
Lullingstone Roman Villa mosaic J910066
heritage/roman britain roman objects artefacts/mosaic great witcombe roman villa dp220987
Mosaic, Great Witcombe Roman Villa DP220987
heritage/objects artefacts/cunorix stone wroxeter roman city j970270
Cunorix stone, Wroxeter Roman City J970270
heritage/objects artefacts/bust emperor hadrian k000206
Bust of Emperor Hadrian K000206
heritage/objects artefacts/roman coins n120023
Roman coins N120023
heritage/objects artefacts/roman pottery j940078
Roman pottery J940078
heritage/objects artefacts/roman steelyard weight k010371
Roman steelyard weight K010371
heritage/objects artefacts/roman brooch shape duck k981121
Roman brooch in the shape of a duck K981121
heritage/objects artefacts/roman building tools n100179
Roman building tools N100179
heritage/objects artefacts/corbridge hoard n081017
Part of the Corbridge Hoard N081017
heritage/objects artefacts/roman carpentry stoneworking tools n081015
Roman carpentry and stoneworking tools N081015
heritage/objects artefacts/roman tile dog paw imprint k030449
Roman tile with dog paw imprint K030449
heritage/objects artefacts/roman gaming counters n060901
Roman Gaming Counters N060901
travel england/travel south/lullingstone roman villa j910065
Lullingstone Roman Villa J910065
heritage/objects artefacts/roman steelyard weight n120024
Roman steelyard weight N120024
heritage/objects artefacts/bronze figure wroxeter j980108
Bronze figure from Wroxeter J980108
heritage/objects artefacts/plaster vault wroxeter roman city j970269
Plaster vault, Wroxeter Roman City J970269
heritage/objects artefacts/venus figurine wroxeter roman city j950222
Venus figurine, Wroxeter Roman City J950222
heritage/roman britain roman objects artefacts/mosaic floor aldborough roman town j920583
Mosaic floor, Aldborough Roman Town J920583
seasons/spring/lullingstone roman villa j910068
Lullingstone Roman Villa J910068
seasons/summer/lullingstone roman villa j910063
Lullingstone Roman Villa J910063
heritage/objects artefacts/fragment wall painting wall roman site k981137
Fragment of wall painting, Wall Roman Site K981137
heritage/objects artefacts/tile fragment dogs paw print k010328
Tile fragment with dog's paw print K010328
heritage/objects artefacts/roman bone dice k981122
Roman bone dice K981122
heritage/objects artefacts/roman bronze flagon j910148
Roman bronze flagon J910148
heritage/objects artefacts/wroxeter roman city artefacts j850001
Wroxeter Roman City artefacts J850001
heritage/objects artefacts/roman coins k990435
Roman coins K990435
heritage/objects artefacts/statuette bonus eventus k980245
Statuette of Bonus Eventus K980245
heritage/objects artefacts/statuette apollo k010304
Statuette of Apollo K010304
heritage/objects artefacts/roman building dedication n081016
Roman building dedication N081016
heritage/objects artefacts/victory neptune mars n081014
Victory, Neptune and Mars N081014
heritage/objects artefacts/roman thuribles n080398
Roman thuribles N080398
heritage/objects artefacts/roman enamelled stud j940343
Roman enamelled stud J940343
heritage/objects artefacts/roman buckle plate k990789
Roman buckle plate K990789
heritage/objects artefacts/corbridge lion n080064
The Corbridge Lion N080064
heritage/objects artefacts/aldborough roman town mosaic n080062
Aldborough Roman Town mosaic N080062
heritage/objects artefacts/head medusa k910214
Head of Medusa K910214
heritage/objects artefacts/roman coin j890281
Roman coin J890281