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Engineering and Construction

A collection of Engineering and Construction images

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architecture/modern architecture tall buildings/construction work jlp01 01 111 61
Construction work JLP01_01_111_61
#media dmcs-12271842
historic images/1870s 1900/tower bridge construction aa83 01325
Tower Bridge under construction AA83_01325
#media dmcs-1764731
industry/engineering construction/preston bus station jlp01 08 082572
Preston Bus Station JLP01_08_082572
#media dmcs-13170632
landscapes/aerial views/barrow in furness shipyard 1920 epw004064
Barrow-in-Furness shipyard 1920 EPW004064
#media dmcs-3448583
industry/engineering construction/moving earth jlp01 10 00113
Moving the earth JLP01_10_00113
#media dmcs-12312676
historic images/1850s 1860s/clifton suspension bridge bb89 03974
Clifton Suspension Bridge BB89_03974
#media dmcs-627955
landscapes/aerial views/motorway junction n071919
Motorway junction N071919
#media dmcs-1635917
transport/road transport/spaghetti junction eaw220279
Spaghetti Junction EAW220279
#media dmcs-12105999
industry/engineering construction/building rotherhithe tunnel bb99 06817
Building Rotherhithe Tunnel BB99_06817
#media dmcs-13153048
historic images/1900 1945/tyne bridge construction epw019820
Tyne Bridge under construction EPW019820
#media dmcs-4247778
heritage/prehistoric remains stonehenge/stonehenge sarsen circle joints j050103
Stonehenge sarsen circle joints J050103
#media dmcs-1707855
historic images/1900 1945/odeon cinema construction bb87 03506
Odeon cinema construction BB87_03506
#media dmcs-635731
historic images/1850s 1860s/great eastern bb88 06275
The Great Eastern BB88_06275
#media dmcs-482977
heritage/care/grimes graves j940184
Grimes Graves J940184
#media dmcs-472485
industry/engineering construction/oil rig jlp01 10 01378
Oil rig on the move JLP01_10_01378
#media dmcs-12573610
industry/engineering construction/concrete train jlp01 10 01813
Concrete train JLP01_10_01813
#media dmcs-12312992
historic images/1850s 1860s/clifton suspension bridge bb68 05597
Clifton Suspension Bridge BB68_05597
#media dmcs-18884985
industry/engineering construction/roundtree house des01 01 0111
Roundtree House DES01_01_0111
#media dmcs-18815230
transport/railways/upgrading line op04913
Upgrading the line OP04913
#media dmcs-15045914
industry/engineering construction/preston bus station jlp01 08 081453
Preston Bus Station JLP01_08_081453
#media dmcs-13171518
industry/engineering construction/preston bus station jlp01 08 081452
Preston Bus Station JLP01_08_081452
#media dmcs-13171516
industry/engineering construction/preston bus station jlp01 08 081441
Preston Bus Station JLP01_08_081441
#media dmcs-13171514
industry/power stations/building sizewell b jlp01 10 49276
Building Sizewell B JLP01_10_49276
#media dmcs-12312956
industry/power stations/power station construction jlp01 10 01234
Power station construction JLP01_10_01234
#media dmcs-12312630
industry/engineering construction/tate lyle sugar silo op02541
Tate & Lyle Ltd Sugar Silo OP02541
#media dmcs-12278856
industry/engineering construction/raising devil jlp01 14 00036
Raising the devil JLP01_14_00036
#media dmcs-13323828
industry/engineering construction/building factory jlp01 12 002
Building a factory JLP01_12_002
#media dmcs-12573620
industry/engineering construction/oil rig jlp01 10 01584 6
Oil rig on the move JLP01_10_01584_6
#media dmcs-12573612
industry/engineering construction/building second severn crossing jlp01 60072 10
Building Second Severn Crossing JLP01_60072_10
#media dmcs-12486009
transport/railways/railway works op04912
Railway works OP04912
#media dmcs-12409316
industry/engineering construction/avonmouth bridge construction jeh 22045 038
Avonmouth Bridge under construction JEH_22045_038
#media dmcs-12258356
architecture/modern architecture material shape design/liverpool wigwam eaw125048
Liverpool wigwam EAW125048
#media dmcs-12105929
features/festival britain 1951/festival britain op04517
Festival of Britain OP04517
#media dmcs-11475949
heritage/reconstructing past romans illustrations/building hadrians wall ic048 066
Building Hadrians Wall IC048_066
#media dmcs-11315897
historic images/picturing england/great eastern construction al0327 033 01
Great Eastern under construction AL0327_033_01
#media dmcs-10928629
industry/engineering construction/unloading tractor jlp01 01 073 41
Unloading a tractor JLP01_01_073_41
#media dmcs-15321777
industry/engineering construction/building vauxhall bridge cvb01 01 01
Building Vauxhall Bridge CVB01_01_01
#media dmcs-13447624
industry/engineering construction/building rotherhithe tunnel bb99 06816
Building Rotherhithe Tunnel BB99_06816
#media dmcs-13153046
industry/engineering construction/limehouse basin lat01 001 01
Limehouse Basin lat01_001_01
#media dmcs-12577275
industry/engineering construction/limehouse basin lat01 001 02
Limehouse Basin lat01_001_02
#media dmcs-12577273
industry/engineering construction/building m1 jlp01 14 00016
Building the M1 JLP01_14_00016
#media dmcs-12577217
industry/engineering construction/building bull ring jlp01 14 00001
Building the Bull Ring JLP01_14_00001
#media dmcs-12577215
industry/engineering construction/carruthers crane jlp01 10 00964
Carruthers Crane JLP01_10_00964
#media dmcs-12573624
industry/engineering construction/building refinery jlp01 12 030
Building a refinery JLP01_12_030
#media dmcs-12573622
industry/engineering construction/building indoor arena jlp01 10 46035
Building the Indoor Arena JLP01_10_46035
#media dmcs-12573618
industry/engineering construction/building eastgate jlp01 10 15970
Building Eastgate JLP01_10_15970
#media dmcs-12573616
industry/engineering construction/mosque construction jlp01 10 02796
Mosque construction JLP01_10_02796
#media dmcs-12573614
industry/engineering construction/building factory jlp01 12 034
Building a factory JLP01_12_034
#media dmcs-12486011
industry/engineering construction/steam turbine cc025365
Steam Turbine CC025365
#media dmcs-12409968


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