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landscapes/aerial views/timpsons shoe factory kettering epw053718
Timpsons Shoe Factory, Kettering EPW053718
#media dmcs-1477351
landscapes/aerial views/potteries epw045337
The Potteries EPW045337
#media dmcs-1477349
heritage/care/stott park bobbin n080122
Stott Park Bobbin Mill N080122
#media dmcs-1124363
historic images/1900 1945/marmalade factory cc66 00389
Marmalade factory CC66_00389
#media dmcs-489220
travel england/travel west midlands/pottery works stoke trent
Pottery Works, Stoke on Trent
#media dmcs-425284
way/work/rover car factory jlp01 01 045 33
Rover Car Factory JLP01_01_045_33
#media dmcs-12122359
heritage/care/stott park bobbin n080027
Stott Park Bobbin Mill N080027
#media dmcs-938399
landscapes/aerial views/fort dunlop epw026942
Fort Dunlop EPW026942
#media dmcs-3448635
heritage/care/cotton reel k011088
Cotton Reel K011088
#media dmcs-688069
historic images/1900 1945/dickens brothers leather works bb99 05292
Dickens Brothers leather works BB99_05292
#media dmcs-482978
historic images/bedford lemere collection 1860s 1944/women filling sirocco roaster coffee beans
Two women filling Sirocco roaster with coffee beans BL24300_001
#media dmcs-4518265
travel england/travel south west england/powder mills dartmoor n071127
Powder Mills, Dartmoor N071127
#media dmcs-704507
architecture/modern architecture modern movement/hoover building
Hoover Building
#media dmcs-425228
industry/manufacturing/morgan factory dp139433
Morgan factory DP139433
#media dmcs-13905301
historic images/bedford lemere collection 1860s 1944/timber yard lambeth 1916 bl23561 029
Timber Yard, Lambeth 1916 BL23561_029
#media dmcs-3714735
flight/england air/millbrook proving ground 18944 05
Millbrook Proving Ground 18944_05
#media dmcs-12283514
industry/manufacturing/egypt dp137154
Egypt Mill DP137154
#media dmcs-13882269
historic images/aerofilms collection 1919 2006/elastic factory ibstock eaw000185
Elastic Factory, Ibstock EAW000185
#media dmcs-13629738
industry/engineering construction/building factory jlp01 12 002
Building a factory JLP01_12_002
#media dmcs-12573620
architecture/modern architecture space hope brutalism/cummins engine factory dp100836
Cummins Engine Factory DP100836
#media dmcs-11358641
heritage/care/stott park bobbin n140031
Stott Park Bobbin Mill N140031
#media dmcs-11084098
travel england/travel north west england/stott park bobbin n140030
Stott Park Bobbin Mill N140030
#media dmcs-11084096
historic images/picturing england/great eastern construction al0327 033 01
Great Eastern under construction AL0327_033_01
#media dmcs-10928629
england war/1914 1918/royal naval cordite factory 26653 035
Royal Naval Cordite Factory 26653_035
#media dmcs-8696013
industry/manufacturing/vickers brooklands epw056377
Vickers at Brooklands EPW056377
#media dmcs-14054814
industry/manufacturing/luton hat factory epw035119
Luton Hat Factory EPW035119
#media dmcs-14054810
industry/manufacturing/english electric company epw033956
English Electric Company EPW033956
#media dmcs-14054808
industry/manufacturing/woolstaplers hall chipping camden dp137286
Woolstaplers Hall Chipping Camden DP137286
#media dmcs-13882287
industry/manufacturing/wool stove dp139940
Wool Stove DP139940
#media dmcs-13882267
historic images/aerofilms collection 1919 2006/elastic factory ibstock eaw000184
Elastic Factory, Ibstock EAW000184
#media dmcs-13629736
landscapes/miscellany/chair legs nmr02 01 00016
Chair legs NMR02_01_00016
#media dmcs-11668062
industry/manufacturing/abbey mill bradford avon dp139945
Abbey Mill, Bradford on Avon DP139945
#media dmcs-11551287
industry/manufacturing/abbey mill bradford avon dp137125
Abbey Mill, Bradford on Avon DP137125
#media dmcs-11551285
england war/1914 1918/ww1 making christmas puddings bl24361 007
WW1. Making Christmas puddings BL24361_007
#media dmcs-8901231
historic images/bedford lemere collection 1860s 1944/waring gillow factory august 1916 bl23600 002
Waring & Gillow Factory, August 1916 BL23600_002
#media dmcs-8574285
landscapes/aerial views/worcester factories 1921 epw005413
Worcester factories 1921 EPW005413
#media dmcs-5750869
architecture/interiors/stanley mill ryeford aa98 04414
Stanley Mill, Ryeford AA98_04414
#media dmcs-4998076
architecture/victorian architecture/ancoats complex n081087
Ancoats Mill Complex N081087
#media dmcs-4518073
historic images/1870s 1900/rotherhams watch factory bl09921
Rotherham's Watch Factory BL09921
#media dmcs-1343770
landscapes/aerial views/london brick company eaw020892
London Brick Company EAW020892
#media dmcs-682339
heritage/care/stott park bobbin j010125
Stott Park Bobbin Mill J010125
#media dmcs-485178
industry/manufacturing/pottery kiln aa98 04551
Pottery kiln AA98_04551
#media dmcs-4974143
architecture/victorian architecture/ancoats complex n081088
Ancoats Mill Complex N081088
#media dmcs-4518075
historic images/1870s 1900/port sunlight bl14041 005
Port Sunlight BL14041_005
#media dmcs-4506465
historic images/bedford lemere collection 1860s 1944/teofani factory 1916 bl23660 002
Teofani Factory 1916 BL23660_002
#media dmcs-4050959
industry/manufacturing/chimney mf000377 13
Chimney MF000377_13
#media dmcs-3652077
abstracts/wood pile n080029
Wood pile N080029
#media dmcs-938628
heritage/care/bobbins n080028
Bobbins N080028
#media dmcs-938627
abstracts/corrugated iron n080026
Corrugated iron N080026
#media dmcs-938390
industry/manufacturing/powder mills dartmoor n071128
Powder Mills, Dartmoor N071128
#media dmcs-704398
features/romantic ruins/powder mills dartmoor n071129
Powder Mills, Dartmoor N071129
#media dmcs-704397
heritage/care/stott park bobbin j010127
Stott Park Bobbin Mill J010127
#media dmcs-485181
heritage/care/stott park bobbin steam engine k011075
Stott Park Bobbin Mill steam engine K011075
#media dmcs-430595
industry/manufacturing/coppull ring
Coppull Ring Mill
#media dmcs-425273
Meadow Mill
#media dmcs-413518
industry/manufacturing/hat factory
Hat Factory
#media dmcs-412144