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historic images/1960 present day/bull ring shopping centre birmingham jlp01 12 001
Bull Ring Shopping Centre, Birmingham JLP01_12_001
#media dmcs-11446405
historic images/1900 1945/woolworths southend fww01 01 0033 002
Woolworths Southend FWW01_01_0033_002
#media dmcs-11477289
way/shopping/leighton buzzard market cross bb86 01958
Leighton Buzzard Market Cross BB86_01958
#media dmcs-11381139
historic images/1945 1960/norwich market 1948 mf98 01664 16
Norwich market in 1948 MF98_01664_16
#media dmcs-1755177
way/shopping/victorian street scene cc97 01521
Victorian street scene CC97_01521
#media dmcs-14592498
way/shopping/henley on thames gom01 05 068 03
Henley-On-Thames GOM01_05_068_03
#media dmcs-13714393
way/shopping/cribbs causeway 18722 08
Cribbs Causeway 18722_08
#media dmcs-12283512
historic images/1870s 1900/cirencester market place cc57 00055
Cirencester Market Place CC57_00055
#media dmcs-5176666
historic images/bedford lemere collection 1860s 1944/selfridges department store 1909 bl20507
Selfridge's Department Store 1909 BL20507
#media dmcs-3705250
historic images/1900 1945/harrods shoe department 1919 bl24450 021
Harrods Shoe Department 1919 BL24450_021
#media dmcs-4183953
historic images/1870s 1900/peter yapp sloane street bl05960
Peter Yapp, Sloane Street BL05960
#media dmcs-3660475
heritage/reconstructing past romans illustrations/roman street scene j970017
Roman street scene J970017
#media dmcs-1462573
historic images/lost london/ackermanns repository arts 101 strand 1809
Ackermann's Repository of Arts, 101 Strand 1809 J000143
#media dmcs-1434903
heritage/reconstructing past romans illustrations/wroxeter roman city j900404
Wroxeter Roman City J900404
#media dmcs-1066969
historic images/1850s 1860s/old smithy leigh bb94 07538
Old Smithy, Leigh BB94_07538
#media dmcs-627966
travel england/travel london/harrods night k000058
Harrods at night K000058
#media dmcs-459479
way/shopping/bewdley gom01 05 050 27
Bewdley GOM01_05_050_27
#media dmcs-13447620
historic images/1870s 1900/warner estate walthamstow bl09288
Warner Estate, Walthamstow BL09288
#media dmcs-3692416
historic images/1945 1960/village shop norfolk aa98 11268
Village shop, Norfolk AA98_11268
#media dmcs-1749897
historic images/1870s 1900/market place fairford cc57 00343
Market Place, Fairford CC57_00343
#media dmcs-5303650
historic images/1945 1960/greengrocer suffolk aa98 14578
Greengrocer, Suffolk AA98_14578
#media dmcs-1754423
historic images/lost london/messrs pellatt green st pauls churchyard
Messrs Pellatt & Green, St Paul's Churchyard 1809 J000148
#media dmcs-1434913
historic images/lost london/burlington arcade piccadilly 1827 j000145
Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly 1827 J000145
#media dmcs-1434907
historic images/lost london/butcher row whitechapel c1850 j000141
Butcher Row, Whitechapel c.1850 J000141
#media dmcs-1434899
landscapes/urban landscapes/bridge road wembley london aa071612
Bridge Road, Wembley, London AA071612
#media dmcs-1195422
way/shopping/clog boot shoe shop des01 01 0766
Clog, boot and shoe shop DES01_01_0766
#media dmcs-18817566
way/shopping/tubwell row dp173736
Tubwell Row DP173736
#media dmcs-18278760
way/shopping/tubwell row bb81 02440
Tubwell Row BB81_02440
#media dmcs-18278758
landscapes/miscellany/woolworths pic n mix chelmsford jlp01 10 33763
Woolworths' Pic 'N' Mix, Chelmsford JLP01_10_33763
#media dmcs-11424038
way/shopping/woolworths edmonton fww01 01 0367 002
Woolworths, Edmonton FWW01_01_0367_002
#media dmcs-17970720
way/shopping/woolworths kingston upon thames bl25186
Woolworths, Kingston-upon-Thames BL25186
#media dmcs-17859634
way/shopping/petticoat lane market aa054036
Petticoat Lane Market AA054036
#media dmcs-14038224
way/shopping/medieval coventry op14727
Medieval Coventry OP14727
#media dmcs-12577219
architecture/modern architecture modern coventry/coventry market dp164649
Coventry Market DP164649
#media dmcs-11612120
historic images/1960 present day/showroom dummies jlp01 08 079174
Showroom Dummies JLP01_08_079174
#media dmcs-11424040
historic images/1960 present day/woolworths ledbury aa009148
Woolworths, Ledbury AA009148
#media dmcs-11424036
way/shopping/shop windows dd88 00082
Shop windows DD88_00082
#media dmcs-18127591
way/shopping/shop doorway dd88 00094
Shop doorway DD88_00094
#media dmcs-18127589
way/shopping/fortnum mason bl29135
Fortnum and Mason BL29135
#media dmcs-18127587
historic images/1900 1945/woolworths blackpool fww01 01 0066 002
Woolworths, Blackpool FWW01_01_0066_002
#media dmcs-17826689
historic images/1900 1945/woolworths birmingham fww01 01 0103 001
Woolworths, Birmingham FWW01_01_0103_001
#media dmcs-17825440
way/shopping/soho market aa099590
Soho market AA099590
#media dmcs-14543216
way/shopping/female mannequins shop window cc73 02302
Female mannequins in shop window CC73_02302
#media dmcs-14447185
way/shopping/shopping sherborne 1939 bb056809
Shopping in Sherborne 1939 BB056809
#media dmcs-13277845
way/shopping/shopping sherborne 1939 bb056810
Shopping in Sherborne 1939 BB056810
#media dmcs-13277843
way/shopping/shopping sherborne 1939 bb056811
Shopping in Sherborne 1939 BB056811
#media dmcs-13277841
way/shopping/dance floor bl26398
Dance floor BL26398
#media dmcs-12122357
architecture/modern architecture modern coventry/hertford street dp164646
Hertford Street DP164646
#media dmcs-11612118
architecture/modern architecture modern coventry/west orchards dp164638
West Orchards DP164638
#media dmcs-11612114


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