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55 Items

landscapes/miscellany/milk churns dp068967
Milk churns DP068967
features/fathers day/ironwork aa059363
Ironwork AA059363
abstracts/oddments/sofa ff003760
Sofa FF003760
landscapes/aerial views/football 24394 047
Football 24394_047
abstracts/oxford boats k991458
Oxford boats K991458
abstracts/oddments/light bulb j w evans n080197
Light bulb, J. W. Evans N080197
abstracts/oddments/alarm j w evans n080194
Fire Alarm, J. W. Evans N080194
abstracts/oddments/ice cream cones dp044354
Ice cream cones DP044354
sports/played in/table football dp034356
Table football DP034356
abstracts/oddments/flag buoy sea sky op13135
Flag, buoy, sea, sky OP13135
way/house home/outdoor privy aa083874
Outdoor privy AA083874
industry/metalworks/hand bells dp130731
Hand bells DP130731
abstracts/oddments/discarded tv aa071519
Discarded TV AA071519
features/spirit north/dry stone wall dp005708
Dry stone wall DP005708
abstracts/oddments/cobbles tarmac dp174483
Cobbles and Tarmac DP174483
abstracts/oddments/lamp dp073454
Lamp DP073454
abstracts/oddments/ironwork aa059420
Ironwork AA059420
abstracts/oddments/ironwork aa059332
Ironwork AA059332
abstracts/oddments/ironwork dp131063
Ironwork DP131063
abstracts/oddments/zoology dp133260
Zoology DP133260
abstracts/oddments/zoology dp133255
Zoology DP133255
abstracts/oddments/tuning forks dp130700
Tuning forks DP130700
industry/metalworks/letter stamps dp130747
Letter stamps DP130747
historic images/john gay collection 1945 1990/parsnip turnip aa100836
Parsnip and Turnip AA100836
abstracts/oddments/abstract dp143373
Abstract DP143373
abstracts/oddments/terminal dp087397
Terminal DP087397
abstracts/oddments/terminal dp087396
Terminal DP087396
abstracts/oddments/waste want dp139382
Waste not want not DP139382
abstracts/oddments/morgan sign malvern dp139471
Morgan sign Malvern DP139471
abstracts/oddments/sluice room dp149314
Sluice Room DP149314
abstracts/oddments/linen dp149313
Linen DP149313
abstracts/oddments/ward dp149312
Ward Two DP149312
abstracts/oddments/emergency drug locker dp149301
Emergency drug locker DP149301
abstracts/oddments/ladies dp139909
Ladies fifteen DP139909
abstracts/oddments/men dp153011
Men DP153011
abstracts/oddments/dice dp173102
Dice DP173102
abstracts/oddments/box bricks dp028933
Box of Bricks DP028933
abstracts/oddments/ironwork dp094924
Ironwork DP094924
abstracts/oddments/ironwork dp023298
Ironwork DP023298
abstracts/oddments/ironwork bb040542
Ironwork BB040542
abstracts/oddments/ironwork aa060331
Ironwork AA060331
abstracts/oddments/ironwork aa060330
Ironwork AA060330
abstracts/oddments/ironwork aa059421
Ironwork AA059421
abstracts/oddments/ironwork aa059416
Ironwork AA059416
abstracts/oddments/ironwork aa059415
Ironwork AA059415
abstracts/oddments/ironwork aa059414
Ironwork AA059414
abstracts/oddments/ironwork aa059333
Ironwork AA059333
abstracts/oddments/ironwork dp095039
Ironwork DP095039
abstracts/oddments/ironwork dp094925
Ironwork DP094925
industry/machine dp043879
Machine detail DP043879
seasons/autumn/autumn leaves n090375
Autumn leaves N090375
heritage/objects artefacts/roman gaming counters n060901
Roman Gaming Counters N060901
heritage/castles dover castle/russian typewriter n060957
Russian typewriter N060957
abstracts/oddments/bulb ladder aa96 05973
Bulb and ladder AA96_05973
abstracts/oddments/parking meter n060900
Parking meter N060900