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Kenwood House paintings

The Iveagh Bequest and Suffolk Collection

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fame/rembrandt self portrait j910070
Rembrandt - Self Portrait J910070
fine art/kenwood house paintings/vermeer guitar player j910551
Vermeer - The Guitar Player J910551
fine art/kenwood house paintings/lawrence miss murray j910513
Lawrence - Miss Murray J910513
fine art/kenwood house paintings/wright dressing kitten j960062
Wright - Dressing the Kitten J960062
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough greyhounds coursing fox j920623
Gainsborough - Greyhounds coursing a Fox J920623
fine art/kenwood house paintings/larkin richard sackville j920333
Larkin - Richard Sackville J920333
fine art/kenwood house paintings/sargent margaret hyde countess suffolk j020044
Sargent - Margaret Hyde, Countess of Suffolk J020044
fame/william pitt younger j910510
William Pitt the Younger J910510
fine art/kenwood house paintings/turner iveagh seapiece j910563
Turner - The Iveagh Seapiece J910563
fine art/kenwood house paintings/johnson margaret hallyday lady hungerford
Johnson - Margaret Hallyday Lady Hungerford J910218
fine art/kenwood house paintings/guardi san simeone venice j910519
Guardi - San Simeone, Venice J910519
fine art/kenwood house paintings/van dyck james stuart j910514
Van Dyck - James Stuart J910514
fine art/kenwood house paintings/larkin lady dorothy cary j920335
Larkin - Lady Dorothy Cary J920335
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough countess howe j880100
Gainsborough - Countess Howe J880100
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton recruits k030525
Boyd Houghton - Recruits K030525
fine art/kenwood house paintings/romney mrs crouch j910505
Romney - Mrs Crouch J910505
fine art/kenwood house paintings/hals pieter van den broecke j870218
Hals - Pieter van den Broecke J870218
fine art/kenwood house paintings/crome yarmouth water frolic k991018
Crome - The Yarmouth Water Frolic K991018
fine art/kenwood house paintings/johnson thomas bruce 1st earl elgin j920195
Johnson - Thomas Bruce, 1st Earl of Elgin J920195
fine art/kenwood house paintings/kauffmann rinaldo armida j980112
Kauffmann - Rinaldo & Armida J980112
fine art/kenwood house paintings/guardi santa lucia venice j910520
Guardi - Santa Lucia, Venice J910520
fine art/kenwood house paintings/bol unknown woman j910515
Bol - An unknown woman J910515
fine art/kenwood house paintings/pater fete champetre j910571
Pater - Fete Champetre J910571
fine art/kenwood house paintings/sir thomas j920199
Sir Thomas More J920199
fine art/kenwood house paintings/larkin lady isabella rich j920337
Larkin - Lady Isabella Rich J920337
fine art/kenwood house paintings/romney lady hamilton spinning wheel j910506
Romney - Lady Hamilton at the Spinning Wheel J910506
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough lady brisco j900289
Gainsborough - Lady Brisco J900289
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds kitty fisher j920722
Reynolds - Kitty Fisher J920722
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/lely queen mary modena k090005
Lely - Queen Mary of Modena K090005
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds lady chambers j910500
Reynolds - Lady Chambers J910500
fine art/kenwood house paintings/rembrandt self portrait detail n910003
Rembrandt - Self Portrait (detail) N910003
fine art/kenwood house paintings/david william howard viscount andover j920152
David - William Howard, Viscount Andover J920152
fine art/kenwood house paintings/elizabeth howard j920197
Elizabeth Howard J920197
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds lady louisa manners j910531
Reynolds - Lady Louisa Manners J910531
fine art/kenwood house paintings/snyders figures fruit game j910535
Snyders - Figures with Fruit and Game J910535
fine art/kenwood house paintings/van ostade canal winter j920624
Van Ostade - Canal in Winter J920624
fine art/kenwood house paintings/sir jeremy bowes j970284
Sir Jeremy Bowes J970284
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough john joseph merlin j910540
Gainsborough - John Joseph Merlin J910540
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough miss brummell j910539
Gainsborough - Miss Brummell J910539
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds mrs musters hebe j910498
Reynolds - Mrs Musters as Hebe J910498
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds master philip yorke j910491
Reynolds - Master Philip Yorke J910491
fine art/kenwood house paintings/larkin diana cecil j920334
Larkin - Diana Cecil J920334
fine art/kenwood house paintings/cuyp view dordrecht j910518
Cuyp - View of Dordrecht J910518
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds lady mary leslie j910492
Reynolds - Lady Mary Leslie J910492
fine art/kenwood house paintings/landseer hon e s russell brother j960119
Landseer - The Hon. E. S. Russell and His Brother J960119
fine art/kenwood house paintings/hoppner mrs jordan viola twelfth night j950225
Hoppner - Mrs Jordan as Viola in Twelfth Night J950225
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough shepherd boys dogs fighting j920222
Gainsborough - Two Shepherd Boys with Two Dogs Fighting J920222
fine art/kenwood house paintings/romney mrs musters j910503
Romney - Mrs Musters J910503
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/johnson diana cecil countess elgin j920193
Johnson - Diana Cecil Countess of Elgin J920193
fine art/kenwood house paintings/metsu gentleman lady virginal k010543
Metsu - A Gentleman and a Lady at a Virginal K010543
fine art/kenwood house paintings/johnson charles i j920157
Johnson - Charles I J920157
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds angerstein children j030046
Reynolds - The Angerstein Children J030046
fine art/kenwood house paintings/portrait lady j910509
Portrait of a Lady J910509
fine art/kenwood house paintings/larkin edward sackville j920332
Larkin - Edward Sackville J920332
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/larkin catherine knevet j900180
Larkin - Catherine Knevet J900180
fine art/kenwood house paintings/william murray earl mansfield j920143
William Murray, Earl of Mansfield J920143
fine art/kenwood house paintings/morland soldier family j030047
Morland - A Soldier and his family J030047
fine art/kenwood house paintings/romney miss martindale j910504
Romney - Miss Martindale J910504
fine art/kenwood house paintings/dutch fleet j950030
Dutch Fleet J950030
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boyd houghton itinerant singers k030522
Boyd Houghton - Itinerant Singers K030522
fine art/kenwood house paintings/larkin anne cecil j920336
Larkin - Anne Cecil J920336
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds brummell children j910532
Reynolds - The Brummell Children J910532
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds venus childing cupid j910496
Reynolds - Venus Childing Cupid J910496
fine art/kenwood house paintings/kauffmann artist character design j900254
Kauffmann - The Artist in the Character of Design J900254
fine art/kenwood house paintings/kneller charles ii j900179
Kneller - Charles II J900179
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/boy howard family j920101
A Boy of the Howard Family J920101
fine art/kenwood house paintings/lady painting j910186
A Lady Painting J910186
fine art/kenwood house paintings/raeburn sir george sinclair boy j870221
Raeburn - Sir George Sinclair as a Boy J870221
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood iveagh bequest/kauffman disarming cupid j910566
Kauffman - The Disarming of Cupid J910566
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood iveagh bequest/boucher le pecheur j910023
Boucher - Le Pecheur J910023
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood iveagh bequest/martin lord mansfield chief justice england
Martin - Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of England J890402
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/frances howard duchess lennox richmond n090623
Frances Howard, Duchess of Lennox and Richmond N090623
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/larkin elizabeth bassett j920331
Larkin - Elizabeth Bassett J920331
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/hudson mary finch viscountess andover j920150
Hudson - Mary Finch, Viscountess Andover J920150
fine art/kenwood house paintings/elizabeth percy countess essex j020033
Elizabeth Percy, Countess of Essex J020033
fine art/kenwood house paintings/jervas elizabeth henrietta finch j030048
Jervas - Elizabeth and Henrietta Finch J030048
fine art/kenwood house paintings/larkin elizabeth drury countess exeter j920156
Larkin - Elizabeth Drury, Countess of Exeter J920156
fine art/kenwood house paintings/batoni mrs robert sandilands j900217
Batoni - Mrs Robert Sandilands J900217
fine art/kenwood house paintings/rigaud parrocel louis duc bourgogne j910534
Rigaud & Parrocel - Louis duc de Bourgogne J910534
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds gypsy fortune teller j980053
Reynolds - The Gypsy Fortune Teller J980053
fine art/kenwood house paintings/queen mary ii j920200
Queen Mary II J920200
fine art/kenwood house paintings/mary beaton j920155
Mary Beaton J920155
fame/joshua reynolds j950129
Joshua Reynolds J950129
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough going market j910508
Gainsborough - Going to Market J910508
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds mrs tollemache j910494
Reynolds - Mrs Tollemache J910494
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood iveagh bequest/corbould classical landscape temple j910517
Corbould - Classical Landscape with a Temple J910517
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/sustermans maria maddalena austria j920151
Sustermans - Maria Maddalena of Austria J920151
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/wissing lady st catherine j900193
Wissing - A Lady as St Catherine J900193
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/mytens william knollys 1st earl banbury n090629
Mytens - William Knollys, 1st Earl of Banbury N090629
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/lady emily howard j030127
Lady Emily Howard J030127
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/laurence hyde j020040
Laurence Hyde J020040
heritage/english stately homes kenwood house art kenwood suffolk/elizabeth home countess suffolk j020034
Elizabeth Home, Countess of Suffolk J020034
fine art/kenwood house paintings/sandby hampstead heath j050117
Sandby - Hampstead Heath J050117
fine art/kenwood house paintings/gainsborough associate prince wales k030528
Gainsborough - Associate of the Prince of Wales K030528
fine art/kenwood house paintings/ibbetson long horned cattle j990019
Ibbetson - Three long-horned cattle J990019
fine art/kenwood house paintings/reynolds infant academy j910493
Reynolds - Infant Academy J910493
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boucher cherry gatherers j030045
Boucher - Cherry Gatherers J030045
fine art/kenwood house paintings/boucher exchange produce j030044
Boucher - Exchange of Produce J030044
fine art/kenwood house paintings/elizabeth cecil countess berkshire j920198
Elizabeth Cecil, Countess of Berkshire J920198


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