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People Collection (#3)

Background imagePeople Collection: Tulip picking, Lincolnshire a98_09310

Tulip picking, Lincolnshire a98_09310
Fulney, Spalding, Lincolnshire. The tulip was introduced into Europe in the 16th century from Turkey and takes its name from the French word for turban. It became an important cash crop

Background imagePeople Collection: Exeter 1942 BB42_00714

Exeter 1942 BB42_00714
Exeter, Devon. A perspective view of the Georgian facade of 27-32 Southernhay West in 1942. Bomb damage. The rest of the terrace has been destroyed as part of the Baedecker raids

Background imagePeople Collection: Whelk boats, Norfolk a98_14631

Whelk boats, Norfolk a98_14631
Wells next the Sea, Norfolk. An inshore fishing boat, the William Edward, unloads cockles at Quayside, watched by an appreciative audience. Photographed by Hallam Ashley Augusr 1949

Background imagePeople Collection: Railway station footbridge a062680

Railway station footbridge a062680
LONDON BRIDGE STATION, Southwark, London. View looking down the steps leading from the footbridge to the platforms at London Bridge station. Date range: 1960-1972. John Gay

Background imagePeople Collection: Walberswick Beach a082343

Walberswick Beach a082343
WALBERSWICK BEACH, Suffolk. Rotted wooden posts in the sea at Walberswick, with figures in the distance. Photographed by John Gay in 1969

Background imagePeople Collection: Buckingham Palace Stables BL18828_A

Buckingham Palace Stables BL18828_A
BUCKINGHAM PALACE STABLES, London. Interior view of the royal stables with a figure in a hat. Photographed by Bedford Lemere for Musgrave and Co in May 1905

Background imagePeople Collection: Flodden Field K940715

Flodden Field K940715
FLODDEN FIELD, Northumberland. Site of battle of 1513. Memorial cross

Background imagePeople Collection: Harlesden, London a071670

Harlesden, London a071670
HARLESDEN, Greater London. A street scene with a No. 220 bus at a bus stop by a London Underground station sign in Harlesden at night, people waiting and cars passing

Background imagePeople Collection: Boxer dog a069703

Boxer dog a069703
FLAGG MOOR, Flagg, Derbyshire. A boxer dog sat on a bank with spectators watching the Flagg Races point-to-point steeplechase on Flagg Moor, Derbyshire

Background imagePeople Collection: Smithfield Market CC97_00867

Smithfield Market CC97_00867
SMITHFIELD MARKET, London. A view of the corner of Smithfield Market. It was built between 1851 and 1866 by Horace Jones and was opened in 1868 as the London Central Meat Market

Background imagePeople Collection: Ragtime Band BL23648_A

Ragtime Band BL23648_A
MAISON LYONS, London. Ragtime band playing at the department store in Oxford Street, 1916. Bedford Lemere

Background imagePeople Collection: Football match in Victoria Park AL0299_001

Football match in Victoria Park AL0299_001
VICTORIA PARK, London. Spectators watching a football match in 1961. Laurence Goldman

Background imagePeople Collection: Henley regatta in 1897 CC71_00067

Henley regatta in 1897 CC71_00067
Taking tea at the Henley Regatta, Oxfordshire. A group of men and women take tea on a college barge overlooking the Henley Royal Regatta

Background imagePeople Collection: Office work. D M Gant, turf accountant BL_20490_03

Office work. D M Gant, turf accountant BL_20490_03
An interior view of a crowded office. D M Gant was a turf accountant based at 25 Conduit Street, London. Photographed by Adolphe Augustus Boucher, a photographer for Bedford Lemere & Co, 1 April 1909

Background imagePeople Collection: Harvest a97_05926

Harvest a97_05926
Harvesting with a mechanical harvester near Hellidon, Northamptonshire. Alfred Newton and Son July 1902

Background imagePeople Collection: Hastings a98 / 05468

Hastings a98 / 05468
HASTINGS, East Sussex. View of two women walking past a group of fishermens stores ( net shops ) during 1956. Eric de Mare

Background imagePeople Collection: Strand on the Green, Chiswick a064333

Strand on the Green, Chiswick a064333
STRAND ON THE GREEN, Chiswick, London. Rear view of two elderly women seated on a bench between trees overlooking boats moored on the River Thames. Also, a dog lying in the shade behind the bench

Background imagePeople Collection: St Pancras Chambers a062283

St Pancras Chambers a062283
ST PANCRAS CHAMBERS, London. The south facade of the station with a man walking along the pavement beside a row of parked cars. Date range 1960-1972. John Gay

Background imagePeople Collection: Coastal path, Cornwall N100385

Coastal path, Cornwall N100385
TINTAGEL CASTLE, Cornwall. View of coastal path signage with arrow pointing to the castle with walkers on the right path

Background imagePeople Collection: Housesteads Roman Fort N060996

Housesteads Roman Fort N060996
HADRIANs WALL: HOUSESTEADS FORT, Northumberland. Aerial detail view of the granaries with visitors providing scale. hadrian

Background imagePeople Collection: Hampstead Grove a071844

Hampstead Grove a071844
HAMPSTEAD GROVE, London. A street view showing the pollarded trees in winter with Fenton House to right and people walking on the pavement outside. Photographed by John Gay

Background imagePeople Collection: Newark Castle OP06314

Newark Castle OP06314
Newark Castle, Castlegate, Newark, Newark And Sherwood, Nottinghamshire. A view of the remains of Newark Castle looking across the grounds from the south-east

Background imagePeople Collection: Crossing the pond CC73_01138

Crossing the pond CC73_01138
EWELME, Oxfordshire. A young man with a horse and cart, laden with a barrel, crossing the village pond. Probably the water carrier. Photographed by Henry Taunt sometime between 1860 and 1922

Background imagePeople Collection: Day trip a107204

Day trip a107204
Corfe Castle Station, Dorset. Three women on the down platform with Corfe Castle visible in the background and locomotive LSWR Drummond M7, destined for Swanage, pulling away from the platform

Background imagePeople Collection: Queen Victoria and her family N950006

Queen Victoria and her family N950006
OSBORNE HOUSE, Isle of Wight. Photograph from a Royal Family album. Queen Victoria and her family. Windsor. 1863. Photograph possibly taken at the time of the Prince of Wales marriage

Background imagePeople Collection: Cannon Wharf, circa 1856 BB57_01541

Cannon Wharf, circa 1856 BB57_01541
CANNON WHARF, Westminster, London. This was a coal wharf off Cannon Row, downstream from Westminster Bridge. The whole area was swept away during the construction of the Victoria Embankment

Background imagePeople Collection: The Plough Inn MCF01_02_1492

The Plough Inn MCF01_02_1492
The Plough, Lower Cadsden, Princes Risborough, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. A view of The Plough inn from the north, with a woman walking past the pub and a girl and dog outside the entrance

Background imagePeople Collection: Tooting Bec Lido PLA01_03_0326

Tooting Bec Lido PLA01_03_0326
Tooting Bec Lido, Tooting Bec Road, Streatham, Wandsworth, Greater London. The aerator fountain and cafe building at Tooting Bec Lido, Streatham

Background imagePeople Collection: Pipelaying JLP01_08_076891

Pipelaying JLP01_08_076891
NORFOLK. A pipelayer with a side boom and a team of workers laying a section of the Fens gas pipeline into a trench. Work on laying the Fens gas pipeline started in June 1967

Background imagePeople Collection: Welding JLP01_08_076889

Welding JLP01_08_076889
NORFOLK. A view of welding taking place along the Fens gas pipeline, showing a protective canopy erected to cover two sections of pipe being welded together

Background imagePeople Collection: Wrapping and sealing JLP01_08_076816

Wrapping and sealing JLP01_08_076816
NORFOLK. A team of workers wrapping and sealing the end of a steel pipe on the Fens gas pipeline. Work on laying the Fens gas pipeline started in June 1967

Background imagePeople Collection: Pneumatic clamp JLP01_08_076807

Pneumatic clamp JLP01_08_076807
NORFOLK. A team of men working on the lining up operation of the Fens gas pipeline, showing the internal pneumatic clamp for locking steel pipes together

Background imagePeople Collection: Liverpool War Memorial CC73_02987

Liverpool War Memorial CC73_02987
Groups of people surrounding the First World War memorial in the Cotton Exchange, Old Hall Street, Liverpool

Background imagePeople Collection: Commuter Station, Palmers Green Station, 1914 BB92_20713

Commuter Station, Palmers Green Station, 1914 BB92_20713
Palmers Green Station, Aldermans Hill, Greater London. General view looking south-east towards the up platform of Palmers Green station, crowded with passengers. Photographed in 1914

Background imagePeople Collection: Soho market a099590

Soho market a099590
Rupert Street, Soho, London. Elevated view looking north along Rupert Street, showing a bustling Berwick Street Market. Photographed by John Gay, mid-1950s

Background imagePeople Collection: Building Rotherhithe Tunnel BB99_06816

Building Rotherhithe Tunnel BB99_06816
Rotherhithe Tunnel, Shadwell, London. A view of the bulkhead from inside during construction. One of a series of prints documenting work on the road tunnel beneath the Thames (1904-08)

Background imagePeople Collection: Woad production, Algarkirk, Lincolnshire NMR02_01_00009

Woad production, Algarkirk, Lincolnshire NMR02_01_00009
Algarkirk, Lincolnshire. A group of man and women cropping woad and collecting it in large wicker baskets. The earliest woad production in Britain dates from the Iron Age

Background imagePeople Collection: Memories CC025337

Memories CC025337
Wells, Somerset. A woman leaning against the low stone wall on the west side of the moat around the Bishops Palace, holding a posy of flowers in her hand

Background imagePeople Collection: Ramsbury Wiltshire BB97_11952

Ramsbury Wiltshire BB97_11952
Ramsbury, Wiltshire. Women and children posing outside a thatched cottage. Photographed by Frederick Ault. Part of the Henry Taunt collection (1860-1922)

Background imagePeople Collection: Elephant house a98_06396

Elephant house a98_06396
London Zoo, Regents Park, Greater London. General view of the elephant and rhino pavilion showing crowds and an elephant. Designed by Sir Hugh Casson

Background imagePeople Collection: Harvest time, Lower Cadsden, Buckinghamshire a97_05316

Harvest time, Lower Cadsden, Buckinghamshire a97_05316
LOWER CADSDEN, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. View of people in a field, including farm workers taking a break from harvesting, with a smart lady and gentleman

Background imagePeople Collection: Thames Head CC73_00534

Thames Head CC73_00534
THAMES HEAD, Coates, Gloucestershire. View at the source of the River Thames in the Cotswolds at Thames Head. Showing the fourth spring and man beside the pump. Photographed by Henry Taunt in 1890

Background imagePeople Collection: Excavating the Rotherhithe Tunnel BB99_06818

Excavating the Rotherhithe Tunnel BB99_06818
ROTHERHITHE TUNNEL, London. The construction of the Rotherhithe road tunnel under the Thames between Rotherhithe and Shadwell was begun in 1904 under the direction of Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice

Background imagePeople Collection: Tea in the garden CC50_00694

Tea in the garden CC50_00694
Four female students taking tea in the grounds of Somerville College, Oxford, Oxfordshire. The tea party was an important part of college social life in the Late Victorian period. Henry Taunt 1895

Background imagePeople Collection: Bargemen AA97_05426

Bargemen AA97_05426
Brigg, North Lincolnshire. Barges and bargemen moored on the River Ancholme

Background imagePeople Collection: Bargate, Southampton CC39_00436

Bargate, Southampton CC39_00436
BARGATE, SOUTHAMPTON. Exterior view of the south face of the gate and the busy street. A horsedrawn cart is passing through the arch

Background imagePeople Collection: Venton East Square, St. Just, Cornwall a97_07634

Venton East Square, St. Just, Cornwall a97_07634
A view of Mrs Barnes and others outside houses on Venton East Square, St. Just, Cornwall. 1901. Photgraphed by Alfred Newton and Sons

Background imagePeople Collection: A group portrait, RMS Olympic BL24989_003

A group portrait, RMS Olympic BL24989_003
A group posed on the deck of RMS Olympic, White Star Line, 1920. The Olympic was sister ship to the ill-fated Titanic and Britannic

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