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Objects and Artefacts

Items of interest

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heritage/objects artefacts/chinoiserie wallpaper j050121
heritage/objects artefacts/battle waterloo map j020089
heritage/objects artefacts/chinoiserie wallpaper j050124
heritage/objects artefacts/lindisfarne priory stone j880193
heritage/objects artefacts/duke wellingtons batons k040689
heritage/objects artefacts/das kapital k030651
heritage/objects artefacts/hunting party dp067905
heritage/objects artefacts/durham cathedral door knocker aa98 05177
heritage/objects artefacts/battle instructions written duke wellington
heritage/objects artefacts/durham cathedral door knocker k011465
heritage/objects artefacts/roman gaming board j970223
heritage/objects artefacts/urn showing duke wellington battle waterloo
heritage/objects artefacts/darwins compass j970126
heritage/objects artefacts/bronze age arrow head j930088
heritage/objects artefacts/roman hub cap k870175
heritage/objects artefacts/replica corbridge lanx n081012
heritage/objects artefacts/canova bust napoleon n080945
heritage/objects artefacts/roman gemstone k910213
heritage/objects artefacts/skeleton clock j900343
heritage/objects artefacts/boulle ormolu bracket clock n110230
heritage/objects artefacts/darwin family coat arms k970213
heritage/objects artefacts/postcard charles darwin r wallace k960212
heritage/objects artefacts/wellingtons boots j920030
heritage/objects artefacts/lindisfarne priory stone j880194
heritage/objects artefacts/antler tool j010076
heritage/objects artefacts/eltham palace k020345
heritage/objects artefacts/compass darwin signature j970123
heritage/objects artefacts/eltham palace k990313
heritage/objects artefacts/oriental beauty j920144
heritage/objects artefacts/lindisfarne viking stone j870085
heritage/objects artefacts/anglo saxon grave marker j910076
heritage/objects artefacts/invitation k970521
heritage/objects artefacts/cleeve abbey floor tile n080022
heritage/objects artefacts/chiswick house busts k020256
heritage/objects artefacts/duke wellington paste pot lid dp173092
heritage/objects artefacts/greetings dp067921
heritage/objects artefacts/chinoiserie wallpaper j050128
heritage/objects artefacts/medieval floor tile dp184209
heritage/objects artefacts/audley end house library fireplace k960860
heritage/objects artefacts/plate showing view apsley house k040694
heritage/objects artefacts/ceramic tile castle acre priory k971194
heritage/objects artefacts/lucas collection k920010
heritage/objects artefacts/kent coastal defences 1740 j010166
heritage/objects artefacts/cunorix stone wroxeter roman city j970270
heritage/objects artefacts/ice pail depicting highlander spanish militia
heritage/objects artefacts/silver gilt centrepiece apsley house n081103
heritage/objects artefacts/neolithic arrowheads n100547
heritage/objects artefacts/soup tureen depicting battle orthes n080939
heritage/objects artefacts/duke wellingtons sabre k040688
heritage/objects artefacts/roman pottery j940078
heritage/objects artefacts/portuguese service apsley house n100202
heritage/objects artefacts/roman building tools n100179
heritage/objects artefacts/corbridge hoard n081017
heritage/objects artefacts/wellingtons boots k040687
heritage/objects artefacts/pistol j970130
heritage/objects artefacts/bust emperor hadrian k000206
heritage/objects artefacts/scrapbook design audley end house interior j960215
heritage/objects artefacts/darwin family bible k010383
heritage/objects artefacts/darwins telescope j970128
heritage/objects artefacts/monolith empyrean sculpture grounds kenwood
heritage/english stately homes audley end house audley end interiors/audley end house saloon south elevation j020230
heritage/objects artefacts/roman coins n120023
heritage/objects artefacts/vase depicting quagga apsley house n070666
heritage/objects artefacts/chamber organ j870119
heritage/objects artefacts/chinese wallpaper wrest park house n081143
heritage/objects artefacts/wine cooler depicting hanoverian hussar n081110
heritage/objects artefacts/wine cooler officer royal horse artillery n081107
heritage/objects artefacts/wine cooler depicting british foot guards n081106
heritage/objects artefacts/wine cooler showing prussian hussar n081109
heritage/objects artefacts/wine cooler depicting dutch officer cuirassiers
heritage/objects artefacts/dessert plate depicting battle talavera n081122
heritage/objects artefacts/dessert plate depicting storming ciudad rodrigo
heritage/objects artefacts/soup tureen depicting battle vimiero n081116
heritage/objects artefacts/napoleons death mask k040686
heritage/objects artefacts/roman steelyard weight k010371
heritage/objects artefacts/tiles muchelney abbey k971727
heritage/objects artefacts/norman cloisonne k960987
heritage/objects artefacts/decorative glass great yarmouth row houses
heritage/objects artefacts/tile fragment dogs paw print k010328
heritage/objects artefacts/roman bone dice k981122
heritage/objects artefacts/roman brooch shape duck k981121
heritage/objects artefacts/plan tea house bridge audley end k991278
heritage/objects artefacts/roman carpentry stoneworking tools n081015
heritage/objects artefacts/victory neptune mars n081014
heritage/objects artefacts/carlisle castle wall carvings n071976
heritage/objects artefacts/roman tile dog paw imprint k030449
heritage/objects artefacts/draw polishing wheels n090011
heritage/objects artefacts/darwins backgammon board game n080515
heritage/objects artefacts/postcard charles darwin r wallace k970337
heritage/objects artefacts/haydocks exercise horse n080068
heritage/objects artefacts/haydocks exercise horse n080066
heritage/objects artefacts/stone carving sol n080063
heritage/objects artefacts/miracle fishes panel n080007
heritage/objects artefacts/chiswick house table k990997
heritage/objects artefacts/head medusa k910214
heritage/objects artefacts/roman gaming counters n060901
heritage/objects artefacts/eltham palace statue n060586
heritage/objects artefacts/tintagel castle artognou inscription stone
heritage/objects artefacts/lindisfarne priory stone j870087


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