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Images Dated 2017

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Images Dated 2017: December

December Collection
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Images Dated 2017: November

November Collection
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Images Dated 2017: October

October Collection
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Images Dated 2017: September

September Collection
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Images Dated 2017: August

August Collection
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Images Dated 2017: July

July Collection
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Images Dated 2017: June

June Collection
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Images Dated 2017: May

May Collection
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Images Dated 2017: April

April Collection
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Images Dated 2017: March

March Collection
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Images Dated 2017: February

February Collection
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Images Dated 2017: January

January Collection
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Background imageImages Dated 2017: Waldershare Park 33329_015

Waldershare Park 33329_015
House And Stable Court, Waldershare Park, Kent, 2017

Background imageImages Dated 2017: King Power Stadium 33128_043

King Power Stadium 33128_043
King Power Stadium, Leicestershire. Home of Leicester City Football Club, The Foxes, photographed in April 2017

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Gasholder Park, Kings Cross DP220107

Gasholder Park, Kings Cross DP220107
Gasholder Park, Kings Cross, Camden, London. Twilight view of Gasholder No 8 and apartments built within refurbished gasholder guide frames

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Victorian London OP15919

Victorian London OP15919
Cloth Fair, London. The Old Dick Whittington public house at 24 Cloth Fair viewed from Middle Street. Photographed by Augustin Rischgitz, London Stereoscopic Company Limited in the 1890s

Background imageImages Dated 2017: North Shields Docks EAW005502

North Shields Docks EAW005502
Smiths Docks, the Bull Ring Graving Docks and the Albert Edward Dock, North Shields. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in May 1947

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Grimsby Docks EPW012666

Grimsby Docks EPW012666
The Dock Tower, Royal and No 1 Fish Docks, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in 1925

Background imageImages Dated 2017: DE JONGH - Old London Bridge K080027

DE JONGH - Old London Bridge K080027
Kenwood House, Hampstead, London. " Old London Bridge" 1630 by Claude DE JONGH (active 1615 died 1663). Iveagh Bequest number IBK 952

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Nunney Castle N061017

Nunney Castle N061017
NUNNEY CASTLE, Somerset. Aerial view cutaway reconstruction drawing by Stephen Conlin. The great tower as it might have appeared in the 1580s

Background imageImages Dated 2017: London Zoo 1929 MD93_07025

London Zoo 1929 MD93_07025
London Zoo, Regents Park, Westminster. Line drawing entitled " The Gardens of the Zoological Society of London 1929" and " the Gardens 1829" (inset)

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Salford Docks EAW006236

Salford Docks EAW006236
The Salford Docks and Manchester Ship Canal, Salford, Greater Manchester. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in 1947

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Glastonbury Tor IC141_002

Glastonbury Tor IC141_002
Reconstruction drawing showing an oblique view of St Michaels Church and associated buildings atop Glastonbury Tor as they may have appeared from the south-west in the 15th century. Judith Dobie, 1993

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Battle of Hastings IC008_018

Battle of Hastings IC008_018
BATTLE ABBEY, East Sussex. Battle of Hastings 1066. Reconstruction drawing by Jason Askew

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Whitehaven EPW042101

Whitehaven EPW042101
Whitehaven, Cumbria. The Harbour and environs. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in June 1933

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Cutty Sark and HMS Worcester EPW061029

Cutty Sark and HMS Worcester EPW061029
Greenhithe, Kent. The Cutty Sark tea clipper and HMS Worcester berthed outside Ingress Abbey (the Incorporated Thames Nautical Training College). Photographed in May 1939 by Aerofilms Ltd

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Henley-On-Thames GOM01_05_068_03

Henley-On-Thames GOM01_05_068_03
Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire. The view towards Hart Street from Market Place showing cars parked in the foreground and the tower of St Marys Church in the distance

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Three Graces EPW003065

Three Graces EPW003065
A number of vessels plying their trade on the River Mersey. Georges Stage and the Three Graces, Liverpool. The " Three Graces" shown here in 1920

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Old Trafford 33160_037

Old Trafford 33160_037
OLD TRAFFORD, Greater Manchester. Aerial view 2017. Stadium home of Manchester United Football Club

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Wentworth Woodhouse 28935_048

Wentworth Woodhouse 28935_048
Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. 18th century home of the Marquesses of Rockingham. Photographed in March 2017

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Lymm Cross CGH01_02_01_013

Lymm Cross CGH01_02_01_013
The Cross, Lymm, Warrington. A man walking past the Lymm Cross. Watercolour painting possibly by William Alexander (d.1815). Artwork collected by C G Harper

Background imageImages Dated 2017: RMS Olympic EPW041070

RMS Olympic EPW041070
The RMS Olympic in White Star dock 44, Southampton. Photographed in April 1933 by Aerofilms Ltd

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Sherborne Old Castle J960261

Sherborne Old Castle J960261
SHERBORNE OLD CASTLE, Dorset. The castle as it may have appeared in the mid-fourteenth century under the ownership of Robert Wyvil, Bishop of Salisbury

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Shadwell Basin EAW110579

Shadwell Basin EAW110579
Shadwell Basin, Wapping, Tower Hamlets, London. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in 1963

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Chatham Dockyard EAW223251

Chatham Dockyard EAW223251
Chatham Docks, Chatham, from the north-east, showing Rochester and the Thames. A number of vessels are in the naval dockyard. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in April 1972

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Came House xa00271

Came House xa00271
Came House, Winterborne Came, Dorset. The house dates from 1754. Watercolour painting of the NW Elevation by A T Phillips, 1949. From the RCHME Inventory Notes for Winterborne Came

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Gas light a066010

Gas light a066010
Kings Cross, London. A street view with an open gas street light in the foreground, two high walls to either side of the road

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Tetbury HAW_9427_08

Tetbury HAW_9427_08
TETBURY, Cotswold District, Gloucestershire. Aerial view, 19th April 1952

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Shipyard at Birkenhead EAW030649

Shipyard at Birkenhead EAW030649
The Cammell Laird Shipbuilding and Engineering Works, Birkenhead. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in June 1950

Background imageImages Dated 2017: St Wulfstan EMM01 / 01 / 026

St Wulfstan EMM01 / 01 / 026
Little Malvern Priory, Worcestershire. Watercolour, by Elsie Matley Moore, of part of a stained glass window at Little Malvern Priory, showing a detail from a full length figure of St Wulfstan

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Nottingham EAW050484

Nottingham EAW050484
The city centre between the Castle and the Council House, Nottingham. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in July 1953

Background imageImages Dated 2017: South Shields Shipyard EAW008937

South Shields Shipyard EAW008937
The Middle Docks & Engineering Company Ltd Ship Repair Yard at Middle Docks, South Shields. Photographed by Aerofilms Ltd in August 1947

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Studland Ferry EAW010961

Studland Ferry EAW010961
The Studland Ferry underway in the mouth of Poole Harbour, Sandbanks, Dorset

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Sheringham DP219043

Sheringham DP219043
East Promenade, Sheringham, North Norfolk. Bathing huts on East Promenade, from the west, August 2017

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Morris Dancing FF003010

Morris Dancing FF003010
Town Street, Thaxted, Essex. A group of morris dancers and a unicorn hobby horse at a Thaxted Morris Ring meeting. Photographed by John Gay in the mid-1960s

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Michaelmas Fair CBR01_01_05

Michaelmas Fair CBR01_01_05
Market Place, Wallingford, Oxfordshire. People looking at the stalls at the Michaelmas Fair in the Market Place. 1895, unknown photographer

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Holy Trinity Blythburgh MD41_00041

Holy Trinity Blythburgh MD41_00041
Holy Trinity Church, Church Lane, Blythburgh, Suffolk. A view from the marsh looking north-east past houses towards Holy Trinity Church. Pencil drawing by Charles Bannerman Phillips dated 1914

Background imageImages Dated 2017: Birmingham EPW022584

Birmingham EPW022584
The Town Hall and municipal buildings at Victoria Square, Birmingham. Photograped in 1928 by Aerofilms Ltd

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