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fine art/sculpture statuary/osborne house statue n071182
Osborne House statue N071182
#media dmcs-712899
heritage/care/st marys church k940840
St Mary's Church K940840
#media dmcs-713449
fine art/sculpture statuary/bust zeus ammon n100779
Bust of Zeus Ammon N100779
#media dmcs-9161473
heritage/objects artefacts/canova bust napoleon n080945
Canova - Bust of Napoleon N080945
#media dmcs-1831627
travel england/travel london/royal artillery war memorial k991112
Royal Artillery War Memorial K991112
#media dmcs-940567
fine art/sculpture statuary/canova napoleon mars peacemaker j040042
Canova - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker J040042
#media dmcs-4533422
travel england/travel london/nelsons column k060097
Nelson's Column K060097
#media dmcs-461725
fine art/sculpture statuary/albert memorial k980925
The Albert Memorial K980925
#media dmcs-542603
fine art/sculpture statuary/westminster abbey chapter house j890284
Westminster Abbey Chapter House J890284
#media dmcs-4013749
travel england/travel london/shaftesbury memorial k060099
The Shaftesbury Memorial K060099
#media dmcs-555742
fine art/sculpture statuary/witley court fountain n060108
Witley Court fountain N060108
#media dmcs-524072
architecture/details/chiswick house k020248
Chiswick House K020248
#media dmcs-511693
heritage/objects artefacts/eltham palace k020345
Eltham Palace K020345
#media dmcs-474779
fine art/sculpture statuary/chiswick house n080093
Chiswick House N080093
#media dmcs-1087522
heritage/objects artefacts/chiswick house busts k020256
Chiswick House busts K020256
#media dmcs-424775
fine art/sculpture statuary/st michael devil uxc01 01 01 0009 18
St Michael and the devil UXC01_01_01_0009_18
#media dmcs-15160836
way/leisure/meeting place sam01 03 0990
Meeting Place SAM01_03_0990
#media dmcs-15045912
england war/1914 1918/duke cornwalls light infantry war memorial
Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry War Memorial DP196384
#media dmcs-13746880
fine art/sculpture statuary/chaloner chute memorial aa98 04403
Chaloner Chute Memorial AA98_04403
#media dmcs-13692583
fine art/sculpture statuary/boudicca statue sam01 01 0074
Boudicca statue SAM01_01_0074
#media dmcs-17824408
fine art/sculpture statuary/achilles statue sam01 01 0075
Achilles statue SAM01_01_0075
#media dmcs-17407832
fine art/sculpture statuary/wilton marble bust homer n100780
Wilton - Marble bust of Homer N100780
#media dmcs-9161475
england war/1914 1918/first world war memorial battersea park aa064018
First World War memorial in Battersea Park AA064018
#media dmcs-8696015
fine art/sculpture statuary/capability brown column wrest park dp217089
Capability Brown Column, Wrest Park DP217089
#media dmcs-13705770
fine art/sculpture statuary/nollekens bust earl mansfield n100778
Nollekens - Bust of the Earl of Mansfield N100778
#media dmcs-9161471
fine art/sculpture statuary/wrest park garden statue n100757
Wrest Park garden statue N100757
#media dmcs-7569495
fine art/sculpture statuary/canova napoleon mars peacemaker j040043
Canova - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker J040043
#media dmcs-4533424
fine art/sculpture statuary/damer princess caroline j910208
Damer - Princess Caroline J910208
#media dmcs-8248937
fine art/sculpture statuary/bust napoleon j890110
Bust of Napoleon J890110
#media dmcs-5516520
fine art/sculpture statuary/venus medici statue n090702
Venus de Medici statue N090702
#media dmcs-4956518
historic images/1945 1960/cherubs reconciliation aa54 05503
Cherubs Reconciliation AA54_05503
#media dmcs-4592069
fine art/sculpture statuary/richard lionheart aa98 05636
Richard the Lionheart AA98_05636
#media dmcs-4581565
architecture/interiors/canova napoleon mars peacemaker j040041
Canova - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker J040041
#media dmcs-4545518
fine art/sculpture statuary/pistrucci bust duke wellington k040839
Pistrucci - Bust of the Duke of Wellington K040839
#media dmcs-4513847
architecture/interiors/chiswick house n080092
Chiswick House N080092
#media dmcs-1087521
heritage/care/wellington arch quadriga j010144
Wellington Arch quadriga J010144
#media dmcs-552577
heritage/objects artefacts/eltham palace statue n060586
Eltham Palace statue N060586
#media dmcs-542631
architecture/details/rufford abbey k951332
Rufford Abbey K951332
#media dmcs-509483
fine art/sculpture statuary/witley court fountain k040431
Witley Court fountain K040431
#media dmcs-466351
fame/memorial statue
Memorial Statue
#media dmcs-425231
fine art/sculpture statuary/wrest park n110269
Wrest Park N110269
#media dmcs-5451143
fine art/sculpture statuary/statuette prince von blucher k040680
Statuette of Prince Von Blucher K040680
#media dmcs-5315392
architecture/interiors/brodsworth hall k950465
Brodsworth Hall K950465
#media dmcs-5137024
fine art/sculpture statuary/duke wellington statue k000664
Duke of Wellington statue K000664
#media dmcs-5135011
fine art/sculpture statuary/duke wellington n110118
Duke of Wellington N110118
#media dmcs-5115874
fine art/sculpture statuary/indian bridge sezincote aa98 05114
Indian Bridge, Sezincote AA98_05114
#media dmcs-4998155
historic images/1945 1960/cherubs quarrel aa54 05502
Cherubs Quarrel AA54_05502
#media dmcs-4592067
fine art/sculpture statuary/wrest park statue hebe n100602
Wrest Park with statue of Hebe N100602
#media dmcs-4581673
heritage/care/figure peace wellington arch quadriga m010414
Figure of Peace from Wellington Arch quadriga M010414
#media dmcs-4191691


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