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Waterloo 200

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fine art/apsley house paintings/lawrence duke wellington j040044
Lawrence - Duke of Wellington J040044
heritage/reconstructing past/portchester castle j910019
Portchester Castle J910019
fine art/apsley house paintings/swebach passage danube napoleon n070528
Swebach - The Passage of the Danube by Napoleon N070528
heritage/objects artefacts/battle waterloo map j020089
Battle of Waterloo map J020089
fine art/apsley house paintings/dawe field marshal blucher n070506
Dawe - Field Marshal Blucher N070506
fine art/apsley house paintings/goya equestrian portrait duke wellington n070532
Goya - Equestrian portrait of the Duke of Wellington N070532
fine art/apsley house paintings/beechey lt general sir thomas picton n070463
Beechey - Lt. General Sir Thomas Picton N070463
fine art/illustrations engravings/key waterloo banquet n970007
Key to "Waterloo Banquet" N970007
fine art/apsley house paintings/allan battle waterloo j040105
Allan - The Battle of Waterloo J040105
fine art/illustrations engravings/french lancer j840005
French Lancer J840005
fine art/illustrations engravings/waterloo banquet n970006
"Waterloo Banquet" N970006
fine art/apsley house paintings/lawrence henry william paget n070452
Lawrence - Henry William Paget N070452
fine art/illustrations engravings/british rocket troop j840006
British Rocket Troop J840006
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman ponsonby campbell n070446
Pieneman - Ponsonby and Campbell N070446
fine art/apsley house paintings/leslie duke wellington looking bust napoleon
Leslie - Duke of Wellington looking at bust of Napoleon N070535
fine art/apsley house paintings/lefevre napoleon bonaparte n070490
Lefevre - Napoleon Bonaparte N070490
fine art/apsley house paintings/wilkie chelsea pensioners reading waterloo despatch
Wilkie - Chelsea Pensioners reading the Waterloo Despatch N070447
heritage/objects artefacts/duke wellingtons batons k040689
Duke of Wellington's batons K040689
heritage/objects artefacts/battle instructions written duke wellington
Battle instructions written by the Duke of Wellington K050231
fine art/illustrations engravings/duke wellington battle waterloo j050174
Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo J050174
historic images/1870s 1900/wellington arch duke wellington statue dd97 00320
Wellington Arch with Duke of Wellington statue DD97_00320
fine art/paintings outside london/castles deal walmer sandown j920039
Three Castles. Deal, Walmer and Sandown J920039
fine art/apsley house paintings/dawe count gneisenau n070505
Dawe - Count of Gneisenau N070505
fine art/illustrations engravings/french lancers j840002
French Lancers J840002
heritage/objects artefacts/urn showing duke wellington battle waterloo
Urn showing Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo N080953
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman major general john freemantle n070461
Pieneman - Major General John Freemantle N070461
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman lieutenant colonel william thornhill
Pieneman - Lieutenant-Colonel William Thornhill N070460
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman field marshal henry william paget
Pieneman - Field Marshal Henry William Paget N070459
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman general rowland hill n070457
Pieneman - General Rowland Hill N070457
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman general sir george cooke n070456
Pieneman - General Sir George Cooke N070456
fine art/apsley house paintings/knight general sir george murray n070508
Knight - General Sir George Murray N070508
fine art/apsley house paintings/gambardella duke wellington n070504
Gambardella - The Duke of Wellington N070504
fine art/illustrations engravings/copenhagen duke wellingtons horse j050173
Copenhagen, the Duke of Wellington's horse J050173
waterloo 200/peninsular war 200/gunner royal artillery n100004
Gunner, Royal Artillery N100004
heritage/objects artefacts/canova bust napoleon n080945
Canova - Bust of Napoleon N080945
fine art/apsley house paintings/lefevre napoleon k050089
Lefevre - Napoleon K050089
architecture/interiors/striped drawing room apsley house j050011
Striped Drawing Room, Apsley House J050011
fine art/apsley house paintings/dawe general da alava n070455
Dawe - General da Alava N070455
fine art/apsley house paintings/lawrence thomas graham lord lynedoch n070451
Lawrence - Thomas Graham, Lord Lynedoch N070451
fine art/illustrations engravings/prussian soldiers j840001
Prussian soldiers J840001
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman general sir james shaw kennedy n070510
Pieneman - General Sir James Shaw Kennedy N070510
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman field marshal lord james somerset
Pieneman - Field Marshal Lord James Somerset N070464
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman general lord edward somerset n070462
Pieneman - General Lord Edward Somerset N070462
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman field marshal sir john colborne n070453
Pieneman - Field Marshal Sir John Colborne N070453
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman general sir colin halkett n070448
Pieneman - General Sir Colin Halkett N070448
fine art/sculpture statuary/canova napoleon mars peacemaker j040042
Canova - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker J040042
fine art/illustrations engravings/political cartoon duke wellington k021676
Political cartoon of the Duke of Wellington K021676
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman general miguel ricardo alava y esquivel
Pieneman - General Miguel Ricardo de Alava y Esquivel N070688
fine art/apsley house paintings/frederick william duke brunswick n070675
Frederick William, Duke of Brunswick N070675
architecture/interiors/library apsley house dd54 00089
The Library, Apsley House DD54_00089
fine art/apsley house paintings/copley william ii king holland prince orange
Copley - William II, King of Holland / Prince of Orange N070512
fine art/apsley house paintings/gerard charles x king france n070443
Gerard - Charles X, King of France N070443
fine art/apsley house paintings/gerard louis xviii king france n070442
Gerard - Louis XVIII, King of France N070442
fine art/apsley house paintings/gerard alexander i emperor russia n070440
Gerard - Alexander I, Emperor of Russia N070440
fine art/apsley house paintings/herbig frederick william iii king prussia
Herbig - Frederick William III, King of Prussia N070439
fine art/apsley house paintings/simpson arthur wellesley first duke wellington
Simpson - Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington N070529
heritage/castles south east/walmer castle engraving n070832
Walmer Castle engraving N070832
heritage/objects artefacts/wellingtons boots j920030
Wellington's boots J920030
fine art/paintings outside london/duke wellington j920033
Duke of Wellington J920033
architecture/interiors/apsley house j040040
Apsley House J040040
fine art/apsley house paintings/lefevre napoleon bonaparte j040036
Lefevre - Napoleon Bonaparte J040036
architecture/details/apsley house j050005
Apsley House J050005
architecture/interiors/apsley house j040037
Apsley House J040037
architecture/interiors/piccadilly drawing room apsley house j040039
Piccadilly Drawing Room, Apsley House J040039
fine art/illustrations engravings/wellington writing despatches j050178
Wellington Writing His Despatches J050178
fine art/illustrations engravings/duke wellington reading despatches j050176
The Duke of Wellington reading despatches J050176
fine art/paintings outside london/evacuating fortress k021677
'Evacuating a Fortress' K021677
fine art/illustrations engravings/moments k020616
Last moments K020616
fine art/apsley house paintings/navez william i king holland n070441
Navez - William I, King of Holland N070441
historic images/1960 present day/waterloo station aa062151
Waterloo Station AA062151
travel england/travel london/apsley house k040116
Apsley House K040116
architecture/interiors/apsley house j040084
Apsley House J040084
historic images/eric mare collection 1955 1980/wellington arch aa98 05621
Wellington Arch AA98_05621
fine art/paintings outside london/wellingtons procession k020718
Wellington's last procession K020718
waterloo 200/battle apsley house/waterloo gallery apsley house n150019
Waterloo Gallery, Apsley House N150019
waterloo 200/battle apsley house/waterloo gallery apsley house dp165861
Waterloo Gallery, Apsley House DP165861
waterloo 200/battle memorials/duke wellington statue wellington arch n150037
Duke of Wellington statue and the Wellington Arch N150037
fine art/apsley house paintings/dawe lt general sir edward barnes n070507
Dawe - Lt-General Sir Edward Barnes N070507
fine art/sculpture statuary/bust napoleon j890110
Bust of Napoleon J890110
waterloo 200/battle apsley house/wellington arch apsley house n110231
Wellington Arch and Apsley House N110231
fine art/apsley house paintings/healy marshal nicolas jean dieu soult n070523
Healy - Marshal Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult N070523
fine art/illustrations engravings/napoleon imperial guard j840004
Napoleon and the Imperial Guard J840004
fine art/apsley house paintings/pieneman general sir john elley n070454
Pieneman - General Sir John Elley N070454
architecture/interiors/canova napoleon mars peacemaker j040041
Canova - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker J040041
fine art/sculpture statuary/canova napoleon mars peacemaker j040043
Canova - Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker J040043
fine art/illustrations engravings/wellington visiting relics napoleon j050177
Wellington Visiting the Relics of Napoleon J050177
heritage/objects artefacts/duke wellingtons sabre k040688
Duke of Wellington's sabre K040688
fine art/apsley house paintings/lecomte duke wellington visiting outposts soignes
Lecomte - Duke of Wellington visiting outposts at Soignes N070534
architecture/interiors/piccadilly drawing room apsley house dd54 00087
Piccadilly Drawing Room, Apsley House DD54_00087
fame/dupont william pitt k041000
Dupont - William Pitt K041000
fine art/apsley house paintings/gerard joseph bonaparte king spain n070585
Gerard - Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain N070585
fine art/apsley house paintings/lefevre joseph bonaparte king spain n070584
Lefevre - Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain N070584
fine art/apsley house paintings/lefevre napoleon bonaparte n070468
Lefevre - Napoleon Bonaparte N070468
architecture/interiors/apsley house j050003
Apsley House J050003
architecture/interiors/apsley house j050001
Apsley House J050001
fine art/apsley house paintings/lawrence viscount beresford n070458
Lawrence - Viscount Beresford N070458
fine art/apsley house paintings/hoppner major general rooke n070449
Hoppner - Major-General Rooke N070449
fine art/apsley house paintings/hall colonel john gurwood n070445
Hall - Colonel John Gurwood N070445
fine art/apsley house paintings/hayter stapleton cotton n070436
Hayter - Stapleton Cotton N070436


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